Over the past 2 years, the Crown Prosecution Service has embarked on a rigorous and radical course of modernisation to unlock its employees’ potential and transform both the reality and perception of the CPS by moving away from traditional classroom teaching towards a blended approach to learning and education. In particular, the potential of technology has been harnessed through the development of online learning, and the introduction of the Prosecution College

The Prosecution College is the central hub for learning and development opportunities in the CPS, which all employees can access via the portal. This case study outlines the phased approach to implementing the programme, the strategies for engagement and the resulting take up by learners.

The Crown Prosecution Service and its providers, Futuremedia were shortlisted in the e-learning awards 2006.


This article was originally created by the Work based e-learning project at e-skills UK and is reproduced with kind permission.

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