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measuring value

Employer Stories: How a 16th century Japanese samurai revolutionised compliance at AXA Insurance

Updates: Pause for thought...or hurtle on regardless?

Research: In-Focus: Making an Impact: How L&D Leaders Can Demonstrate Value (2016)

Updates: Press: Learning Impact Improves When L&D Work in Collaboration with Business, According to Towards Maturity Research

Research: Towards Maturity Impact Indicators

Employer Stories: Two Award-Winning L&D Leaders Share Their Insight on Benchmarking

Updates: CIPD Podcast: Aligning L&D with Business Objectives and Emerging Practices

Updates: Why Analytics Trumps Intuition in Today’s L&D

Updates: Get Ready to WIN: 12 Tips and 4 Killjoys for Awards Preparation

Research: In-Focus: Building Workforce Competency (2015)

Employer Stories: How benchmarking boosts results in the charity sector

Research: Spotlight: 21st Century Learning for 21st Century Legal Firms

Updates: How to ensure Talent & Leadership delivers business results

Updates: 7 characteristics of highly aligned L&D departments

Updates: Effective communication and aligned online training is pivotal for business success

Updates: Six secrets of m-learning success: turning mobile learning aspirations into reality

Employer Stories: Communication confidence – building the foundations for global change at Arrow Electronics

Updates: Crowdsourcing solutions to common business challenges at Online Educa Berlin

Updates: Towards Maturity launches new programme to excel the business impact of learning technologies

Research: 33 Reasons Why e-Learning Projects Fail

Research: Towards Maturity Impact Indicator looks at e-learning effectiveness in the workplace

Research: Delivering results with learning technology in the workplace -new research from Becta

Updates: Learning Technologies in 2010 - the definitive top 10 list

Research: Impact - Journal of Applied Research in Workplace E-learning

Employer Stories: The bottom line impact of success at NCALT

Research: Evidence for Change

Employer Stories: Dealing with fraudulent applications at Identity & Passport Service

Podcasts: Next Generation Learning at work in British Airways

Employer Stories: Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks save on compliance

Updates: Hints and tips for demonstrating value

Research: e-learning benefits lessons from Higher education

Updates: Good Practice from Red Tray - Evaluating e-learning

Updates: Distance learning for Strategic HR

Updates: More practical tips for engaging learners and managers

Employer Stories: NHS – Expanding training for Radiologists

Podcasts: ROI at Care UK explained by Malcom Bland (Audio)

Podcasts: ROI at Care UK explained by Malcom Bland (Video)

Employer Stories: Blended CHEERS Programme brings Good Health

Podcasts: Interview with ST Microelectronics and Relay Consultants (Audio Full Length Podcast)

Podcasts: Reuters (Video Short summary)

Podcasts: Reuters Interview Part 2

Podcasts: Reuters Interview Part 1

Employer Stories: Scottish Prison Service

Podcasts: e-learning at Lloyds TSB (Video Short Podcast)

Podcasts: e-learning at Lloyds TSB

Employer Stories: Virgin Atlantic Airways demonstrate return on investment

Employer Stories: UKI Partnerships introduce eNVQs for contact centre staff

Employer Stories: BT - mobile learning for field engineers

Research: Towards Maturity - technology boosts workplace skills

Employer Stories: The Priory Group

Employer Stories: Polymers Pilot Project

Employer Stories: University on the Shop Floor

Employer Stories: Safeway Stores

Updates: Measuring Business Impact

Employer Stories: Cable & Wireless

Employer Stories: Alpha Airports Group

Employer Stories: Reuters

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