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Research: The Learner Voice: Part 3

Updates: From A to B: Creating a strategy that supports learning in the workflow

Updates: Our Recommended Christmas Reading 2015

Updates: 70:20:10 - The Practicalities of Supporting Learning at Work

Updates: The Do’s and Don’ts of Communities of Practice

Updates: 70:20:10 – Practical Ideas for Embedding Learning into the Workflow

Updates: Your Finger's in the Dike and the Dam's About to Burst! Why 2013 is the Year for Performance Support

Updates: 16 ideas to help us move 'Beyond the Course'

Updates: Collaborate to succeed in L&D

Research: Social Media contribution to informal learning

Podcasts: Building 21st century L&D skills at Cheshire ICT Services

Updates: The five secrets of instructional design

Research: How does UK learning technology use really compare with the US?

Updates: An Introduction to Personal Learning Environments

Updates: L&D 2020: the future of workplace learning

Updates: Implementing Social Learning

Podcasts: Nick Shackleton_Jones discusses the changing skills of L&D professionals

Updates: The Changing World of Work - Implications for Learning & Development

Employer Stories: BT Dares to Share

Podcasts: Building Business Performance with Social Media

Updates: Learning technologies in the IT sector

Research: Linking Learning to Business - original research 2004

Employer Stories: London Gifted & Talented - a learning community that works

Employer Stories: LB Brent - e-learning on a budget

Updates: Informal Learning Consultation announced

Updates: Supporting small business skills needs

Podcasts: BBC Interview Part 2 (Audio full length Podcast)

Podcasts: BBC interview Part 1 (Audio full length Podcast)

Podcasts: BBC interview- video podcast summary

Research: Meeting needs of small businesses

Updates: Informal learning Guru, Jay Cross, on You Tube

Research: Towards Maturity - technology boosts workplace skills

Research: Beyond e-learning Practical Insights from the USA

Employer Stories: RBS:impact of new technologies on staff learning

Employer Stories: Cable & Wireless

Employer Stories: BBC - sharing knowledge with podcasts, wiki's and blogs

Employer Stories: Reuters

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