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Updates: Building a Global Learning Culture

Research: In-Focus: Excellence in Compliance Training (2015)

Employer Stories: Evolving L&D at PwC

Employer Stories: Evolving L&D at Barnardos

Research: Gaining Global Buy-in: New Learning Research Insights

Updates: Modernising Learning, The Smart Way: Why Reflection Improves Performance

Employer Stories: The British Army compliance training goes mobile

Updates: Trends: Driving the Agile Organisation

Updates: “Globalitis”—How to Immunise Yourself Against This Debilitating Disease

Research: Boosting Business Agility - Table of Contents

Updates: 3 simple steps to delivering results with Learning Technologies

Updates: Innovation in Compliance training

Employer Stories: e-learning a natural for those with Learning Disabilities

Podcasts: Legal & General talk about Minimising Fraud Risk via e-learning

Employer Stories: Minimising Fraud Risk @ Legal & General

Updates: Conference round up - ELN Event Summary

Employer Stories: Re-engineering L&D for effective performance at Xerox Europe

Employer Stories: Increasing sales & improving business performance with e-learning @ Boots

Research: ‘Determining the ROI of an Online English as a Second Language Program’

Employer Stories: English as a Second Language - at Hilton, Deloitte and ArcelorMittal

Updates: English as a Second Language (ESL) from GlobalEnglish adding business benefits to Global Organisations

Employer Stories: Dealing with fraudulent applications at Identity & Passport Service

Research: EU Skills reports ROI from soft skills development

Employer Stories: Harnessing Team Strengths and L&D Evolving at AXA

Updates: The Changing World of Work - Implications for Learning & Development

Updates: Making e-learning Work

Updates: Training Quality Standard

Employer Stories: Exploring e-learning in the travel industry

Employer Stories: A Truly Global Innovative Blend by PLAN

Updates: Delivering results in global organisations from Online educa

Employer Stories: Modern Councillor from Learningpool

Updates: How learning technologies can support change management - examples from CrossKnowledge

Employer Stories: Transforming Customer Service at Johnson Controls

Research: To Buy or Build Survey

Employer Stories: One small step for e-learning and a giant leap at The British Council

Updates: Distance learning for Strategic HR

Employer Stories: Superquinn - new skills for Irish supermarket staff

Employer Stories: e-induction @ Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Employer Stories: Ikea - using learning technologies to find missing stock

Employer Stories: Blended CHEERS Programme brings Good Health

Podcasts: Interview with ST Microelectronics and Relay Consultants (Audio Full Length Podcast)

Employer Stories: Informal learning at Student Loans Company

Employer Stories: UKI Partnerships introduce eNVQs for contact centre staff

Employer Stories: Crown Prosecution Service

Employer Stories: BT - mobile learning for field engineers

Employer Stories: BMW

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