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Employer Stories: Mobile-First Learning and Communications at Vodafone

Employer Stories: How We Modernised Our Learning and Development Model, Mindset and Capabilities

Research: In-Focus: Transforming Formal Learning

Updates: From A to B: Increasing the application of learning in the workplace

Research: In-Focus: Making an Impact: How L&D Leaders Can Demonstrate Value (2016)

Research: Sector Benchmark Report: Embracing Change in Retail Businesses (2016)

Updates: Making Mobile Learning a Success: 5 Real-Life Practical Examples

Updates: Learning to Flourish: 3 Critical Steps to Help You Deliver Positive Change

Updates: Mid-Sized Businesses Are Failing Modern Learners, New Research Shows

Research: Sector Benchmark Report: Embracing Change in Mid-Sized Businesses (2016)

Employer Stories: Supporting a shift in learning culture at Citi

Updates: The Four Responsibilities of the Learning Professional

Employer Stories: How ERR are Transforming Learning to Tackle the UK Skills Shortage

Employer Stories: Mind The Skills Gap at Transport for London

Updates: Why L&D need to let go to move on!

Updates: Our Recommended Christmas Reading 2015

Updates: Press: Mid-Sized Businesses Failing to Adopt New Approaches to Learning

Research: 2015 Sector Benchmark Report: Mid-Sized Businesses

Updates: Global Learning: Sharing Opportunities and Challenges

Research: 2015 Sector Benchmark Report - Professional Services

Research: 2015 Sector Benchmark Report - Finance and Insurance

Research: 2015 Sector Benchmark Report - Energy and Utilities

Updates: The Dawn of the Self-Developing Organisation

Employer Stories: Redefining Leadership Development at the NHS

Research: 2015 Sector Benchmark Report - Manufacturing

Updates: CIPD Podcast: Aligning L&D with Business Objectives and Emerging Practices

Research: 2015 Health Sector Benchmark Report

Research: 2015 Sector Benchmark Report: IT & Telecoms

Updates: Getting Evidence-Based: How Vodafone’s Global Learning Programme Used 6 Great Principles

Updates: It's Personal: 5 Tips for Engaging Compliance Training

Employer Stories: Evolving L&D at PwC

Employer Stories: Evolving L&D at the MOD

Employer Stories: Evolving L&D at McDonald's

Updates: Adding a Third Dimension to Learning: the How, the When and the Why

Updates: Going Global: The Challenges of Geographically Dispersed Teams

Updates: What We Learned from eXchanges at LT15

Updates: More Than Blended Learning

Updates: 70:20:10 – Practical Ideas for Embedding Learning into the Workflow

Research: In-Focus: Lessons from MOOCs for Corporate Learning (2014)

Updates: Campaign for learning, helping your staff to release their potential through learning

Updates: How do you design learning solutions which are not forgotten a day later?

Updates: The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual

Updates: LearningNow: Induction Strategies that Work

Research: In-Focus: 5 Practical Ideas for Embedding Learning into the Workflow (2013)

Updates: Practical ideas to support the application of learning in your workplace

Updates: Six secrets of m-learning success: turning mobile learning aspirations into reality

Employer Stories: Make mobile learning and communications work for your organisation

Employer Stories: Building professional excellence in the advertising industry

Employer Stories: LINE and AO Foundation bring dry bones of theory to life.

Employer Stories: Building tomorrow’s leaders today – lessons from the National College for School Leadership

Updates: SharePoint ALONE is NOT Performance Support

Employer Stories: Howden’s use of creative flair to ensure eLearning leads to business success.

Employer Stories: Towards Maturity celebrates Macmillan Cancer support

Employer Stories: Justice Academy at MoJ

Updates: The five secrets of instructional design

Employer Stories: Impact of Leadership at Hammonds Furniture

Employer Stories: Improving staff morale, lowering staff turnover and reducing costs at Lloyds Banking Group

Podcasts: Mark Shelmerdine of Lloyds Banking Group explains how their blended Destination PFA programme is benefiting the organisation

Updates: Discovering the IKEA Concept

Employer Stories: Meeting the needs of a pan-European network via the Ford Foundation

Updates: Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (2)

Employer Stories: Building Foundations for Growth at the Priory Group

Podcasts: Debby Robinson & Emma Kirkwood from Rotherham MBC discuss getting started with e-learning

Employer Stories: Dealing with fraudulent applications at Identity & Passport Service

Updates: Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (1)

Updates: Making Web Conferences Exciting

Research: How would you rate your web conferencing skills?

Employer Stories: Rapid e-learning transforms leadership development at the BBC

Employer Stories: The Dental Channel webinar, better and cheaper delivery

Updates: Brush up your Blended learning skills

Updates: Building skills in e-learning

Employer Stories: A Truly Global Innovative Blend by PLAN

Updates: Building Change Management Capability using Blended Learning

Employer Stories: GAME stores Xcite retail staff to boost sales

Employer Stories: Royal Navy revolutionises Engineering Training

Research: Effective Blends for Busy Managers

Podcasts: Royal Navy training revolution - an interview with Cdr Andy Cree

Employer Stories: A Master Class - Hibernia College and Pfizer breaking new ground

Updates: How learning technologies can support change management - examples from CrossKnowledge

Employer Stories: Transforming Customer Service at Johnson Controls

Research: e-learning benefits lessons from Higher education

Research: Linking Learning to Business - original research 2004

Updates: Distance learning for Strategic HR

Updates: Building effective learning communities

Employer Stories: Mobile Video nuggets support learning at Vodafone Ireland

Research: CIPD annual research

Employer Stories: e-induction @ Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Employer Stories: London Gifted & Talented - a learning community that works

Updates: Simulation and classroom teaching

Employer Stories: NHS – Expanding training for Radiologists

Employer Stories: Virgin Atlantic Airways - Excellence in Induction

Updates: IITT award winners

Employer Stories: Blended CHEERS Programme brings Good Health

Podcasts: e-Learning for Healthcare Podcast Part 1(Audio)

Employer Stories: LB Brent - e-learning on a budget

Research: Online Learning and leadership development - CMI research October 2007

Podcasts: Interview with ST Microelectronics and Relay Consultants (Audio Full Length Podcast)

Employer Stories: CareUK: Winning a return in the care industry

Employer Stories: NHS Wales pilots light touch NVQ

Podcasts: Reuters (Video Short summary)

Podcasts: Reuters Interview Part 2

Podcasts: Reuters Interview Part 1

Employer Stories: Scottish Prison Service

Podcasts: BBC Interview Part 2 (Audio full length Podcast)

Podcasts: BBC interview Part 1 (Audio full length Podcast)

Podcasts: BBC interview- video podcast summary

Podcasts: e-learning at Lloyds TSB (Video Short Podcast)

Podcasts: e-learning at Lloyds TSB

Podcasts: Polestar's Print Dynamics Programme

Employer Stories: Informal learning at Student Loans Company

Employer Stories: Virgin Atlantic Airways demonstrate return on investment

Employer Stories: UKI Partnerships introduce eNVQs for contact centre staff

Employer Stories: Crown Prosecution Service

Employer Stories: BT - mobile learning for field engineers

Employer Stories: The Priory Group

Research: e-learning at work - systematic literature review

Employer Stories: Polymers Pilot Project

Employer Stories: University on the Shop Floor

Employer Stories: Safeway Stores

Updates: ICCA online - getting started with e-learning

Employer Stories: Cable & Wireless

Employer Stories: BMW

Employer Stories: Frontline - elearning for customer support

Employer Stories: NHS Information Authority

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