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Benchmarking with Towards Maturity

Confidentially compare your L&D strategy with top performers and get free, personalised feedback. 

The Towards Maturity Benchmark gives L&D leaders a structured framework for reflection on every aspect of a learning strategy. We've been constantly developing it since 2003.


Or read below to find out more about the Towards Maturity Benchmark.

For latest information on the 2016 Benchmark Study, click here. 

About the Towards Maturity Benchmark

The Towards Maturity Benchmark enables L&D professionals to review their current learning strategy, compare their approach directly with top performing L&D teams and set priority actions that will help them deliver peak performance:

  • BENCHMARK your progress with your peers in the Towards Maturity Benchmark Centre
  • NETWORK in one of our Towards Maturity Sector Benchmark Groups
  • DOWNLOAD previous Towards Maturity Benchmark Reports 
  • FIND OUT what people are saying who have been through the benchmark process

When all the data has been collected, Towards Maturity deliver a Personalised Benchmark Report, showing how your activities and outputs compare against top performing L&D teams and the global average.

Benchmarking with Towards Maturity helps you:

  • Modernise your learning strategy
  • Redefine priorities
  • Identify opportunities for development
  • Increase learner engagement
  • Save time and accelerate progress
  • Demonstrate value by providing evidence of progress

Still got questions? Here's 10 FAQs about the Towards Maturity Benchmark

The Towards Maturity Benchmark is considered one of the most comprehensive independent reviews of how organisations are establishing successful e-enabled learning strategies in the workplace.

The Benchmark considers how organisations are e-enabling their learning strategies to meet changing business skills needs and also reviews changes in use of technology, drivers and results, barriers and the implementation practices that directly correlate to results.

Here's a video we produced mid-way through the 2014 Benchmark, which finished with over 600 professional L&D participants contributing to the data for our 2014-15 Benchmark report, Modernising Learning: Delivering Results:


Want to be sure that our Benchmark can help you? See what people are saying having been through the benchmarking process.

An Introduction to Benchmarking

Benchmarking is the process of comparing key performance indicators for one organisation with the indicators of others who are considered to represent the industry standard or best practice for that field.

Businesses have been benchmarking since the early 90's to develop new strategic direction and improve performance. Since 2003, Towards Maturity have been applying best practice benchmark principles to help L&D departments do the same. 

The Towards Maturity Model

Encouraging ongoing improvement

The TM Benchmark considers a number of performance indicators that represent the impact in the workplace and has developed best practice benchmarks (reflected by the Towards Maturity Model) to support ongoing improvement. In the 2010-11 Benchmark, a new Towards Maturity Index (TMI) was developed as a single benchmark of implementation maturity across the 6 work streams. It is designed to help organisations understand, and then improve, the health of their learning technology implementation.



Towards Maturity Benchmark Centre

Available all year round, the Benchmark Centre is an online service that allows organisations to:

  • Review their current implementation progress
  • Compare with others to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Take action based on recommendations.

Find out more or visit the centre directly at: www.towardsmaturity.org/mybenchmark

We also offer advisory services to implement actions based on how your Benchmark results compare against those already delivering in the areas you have opportunity to develop.

Get involved in the conversation

Benchmarking is a dynamic process - it's not just about research but it is about action. If this is something you are interested in, then please join our LinkedIn group New Learning Benchmarks. This group is for people wanting to fast track the results of innovative workplace learning & development through benchmarking. All of our previous and curent benchmark reports will be posted plus current news and comment.

Industry support

The Towards Maturity Industry Benchmark represents an outstanding industry collaboration to ensure that the benchmark process continually reflects the changing business and technical environments that L&D teams need to thrive within.

Moving forward, the annual research programme has been made possible by our Industry Ambassadors who share our passion for ensuring that independant advice is freely available for anyone who wants it.

We also have a range of supporters within the industry who help ensure that the research reflects current trends - see our supporters here 

International recognition

The Towards Maturity Benchmark has gained international recognition:

  • 30-40% of participants in the benchmark take part from outside the UK (Europe, EMEA, Asia Pacific and North America). 
  • Following peer review, the work has been included in Australia's inaugural version of Impact -  Journal of Applied research into workplace E-learning

We regularly respond to invitations to share findings with colleagues around the globe:

  • Europe via the corporate keynote and other seminars for Online Educa Berlin, Europe's largest e-learning conference
  • Europe via the HRM Expo and Professional Learning
  • Japan e-Learning WORLD 2007- Expo & Conference
  • Australia via Elnet - the e-Learning network of Australasia
  • USA via the online Learntrends conference

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about taking part in the Towards Maturity Benchmark or how the Towards Maturity team can help you use your personalised benchmark results to help you improve impact of e-learning in your organisation, then contact us at benchmark@towardsmaturity.org.

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