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Speexx exchange

Speexx Exchange 2016 – digital transformation in 2017

Armin Hopp, Founder and President of Speexx, shares the findings from the Speexx Exchange 2016.

Press Release

Capturing and sharing company know-how

New research shows that knowledge sharing can provide significant business benefits.


And the winner of our Sector Benchmark Membership is...

The winner of our Sector Benchmark Group competition and special offer: 2-4-1 membership

Exchange overall

Global L&D Experts Share their Insights during LT Exchanges 2017

Key take-aways from LT Exchanges 2017 led by global industry experts.

Harold Jarche

How can you stay current in your field when work, jobs, and even professions are constantly changing?

Jo Cook, Deputy Editor of Training Journal, follows Harold Jarche as he talks about the importance of human connections at LT17.

Clive Shepherd

What skills are needed by L&D professionals in 2017?

Gent Ahmetaj shares the top tips from the LT Exchange led by Clive Shepherd at Learning Technologies.

Laura Overton headshot laughing red dress

How can L&D use technology to become more strategic?

Debbie Carter, editor of Training Journal, reports on a learning exchange exploring how technology can make L&D more strategic.

Will thumb

How to turn micro and mobile learning into killer applications for 2017

Will Thalheimer leads a discussion on how to turn micro and mobile learning into killer applications for 2017

stodd 3

What can organisations do to earn the trust of social learners?

Jane Daly shares her insights from a discussion led by Julian Stodd on social learning.

Sharing thumb

How to create effective learning transfer

Emma Weber focuses her work on learning transfer and its impact on the organisation – here she shares some of her key strategies.


How to start and grow internal networks

Genny Dixon reports on the key opportunities that surfaced during the LT Exchange on internal networks.

John Stepper

How can we create organisational change that works and even feels good?

John Stepper, author of ‘Working Out Loud’, shows us how to create a culture of collaboration in a changing workplace.

Press Release

Press: Bringing rigor to L&D decision making around the globe

Cegos joins Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme to support the provision of independent, global data to inform L&D thinking.

Plant growing from tarmac

7 mindset shifts that will make 2017 a breakthrough year for L&D

Embracing the principles behind growth mindset thinking are more likely to lead us to a breakthrough this year.

Running Group Sunset

Get your L&D strategy fit for 2017

We're offering everyone the chance to get the best start to 2017 with a free, personalised benchmark report.

LT17 Ultimate Guide

Our Ultimate Guide to Learning Technologies 2017

It's time for change. Discover how to make a lasting impact in 2017 with our free seminars, the LT Exchange and our Ultimate Guide.

LT thumbnail

Learning Technologies 2017 Exchanges

The Exchange Programme is a unique, free opportunity to get up close and personal with conference speakers at Learning Technologies.

Industry Responses to Unlocking Potential

See what senior L&D leaders thought of our report and a list of blogs since we released Unlocking Potential.

Press Release

Towards Maturity Welcomes Enterprise L&D Platform Dossier to its Ambassador Programme

We are pleased to announce that Dossier Solutions have joined us as our first Norwegian Ambassador.

Learn Appeal

Help make a difference by volunteering with Learn Appeal

Lesley Price tells us about the charity bringing relevant and interactive content to the most remote parts of developing countries.

TM Icon Christmas Hat

Our Recommended Christmas Reading 2016

Stocking fillers penned by Towards Maturity's Supporters for all L&D professionals looking to push the boundaries of L&D in 2017.

LT Awards thumbnail

Congratulations to the 2016 Learning Technologies Award Winners!

We booked a table out for this year's Learning Technologies Awards - a celebration of everything excellent in L&D.

Press Release

Towards Maturity uses latest benchmark data to present evidence-based tactics that will accelerate change

Lack of progress on learning impact prompts Towards Maturity to focus on evidence-based shortcuts to business success.

Unlocking Potential key thumb

Unlocking Potential: The Foreword - Jane Hart's Response

Here’s what Jane Hart, founder of C4LPT, had to say about Towards Maturity’s latest Learning Benchmark Report, Unlocking Potential.

Press Release

Press: Motivated and in Control: Towards Maturity Lifts the Lid on How Different Ages Learn

Towards Maturity reveals what millennials can teach people professionals about supporting learning in the workplace.

Press Release

Press: Towards Maturity Report Urges the C-suite to Expect More From Learning

New evidence shows senior executives new approaches can build business agility, sustain success and address talent and capability gaps.

Classroom training session

From A to B: How to Transform Formal Learning

How to design, measure and deliver successful formal learning in today’s world.

Press Release

Towards Maturity Report Outlines How Transforming Formal Learning Can Bring Business Results

A new report shows how the potential business return from innovation in the formal learning experience can be achieved.

LT Awards thumbnail

The 2016 LT Awards Shortlist Reveals a Culture of Excellence in Today's L&D Teams

Check out the shortlist of nominees for this year's Learning Technologies Awards - a celebration of everything excellent in L&D.

Pause for thought or hurtle article

Pause for thought...or hurtle on regardless?

Is it me, or are we hurtling through the year at an alarming rate of knots?

World of Learning Conf thumb (no date)

What Not to Miss at this Year's World of Learning

We feature what caught our attention as we looked through the range of sessions on offer at this year's conference and exhibition.

Press Release

Towards Maturity Enter into research and publication alliance with Emerald Global Publishing Group Ltd

Leading L&D benchmarking business extends reach and research capability in new alliance.

From A to B: Increasing the application of learning in the workplace

From A to B: Increasing the application of learning in the workplace

Everyone wants to do their job faster and better. Here’s how the L&D team can help make that a reality in the workplace.

From A to B: Integrating learning into the workflow

From A to B: Creating a strategy that supports learning in the workflow

Early indicators from this year's Benchmark show that L&D leaders want to support staff where it matters most.

Press Release

Towards Maturity Extends Free "L&D Strategy Health Check" Due to Popular Demand

Record numbers of L&D leaders around the world have used the 2016 Benchmark to review their strategy and gain new ideas.

Compliance word cloud

From A to B: Positive Culture Influence for Compliant Behaviours

When responsible for guiding behavioural change, how can technology help L&D achieve its aspirations when it comes to compliance?

The Millennial Challenge - LEO July16

The Millennial Challenge: Can We Make Them Stay?

The average Millennial employee only stays with a single employer for an average of three years. What can L&D do?

Man on subway with mobile

Is the Modern Learner disrupting L&D?

Speexx offers three tips to help today’s L&D teams adapt to the changing dynamic of today’s workforce and its learning methods.

Meeting looking at organisation figures

From A to B: Improving Organisational Performance with Technology

Today's learning leaders want to drive performance. How do we communicate what technology can offer and leverage it for results?

We're sharing top strategies for success down under... 🌏

If you're in AUS or NZ, join Laura Overton on 13 July for this special webinar with ITC Learning.

LT thumbnail

How to Demonstrate Value: Tips from 100 L&D Professionals at #LTSF16

We ran a workshop at the 2016 LT Summer Forum on how L&D leaders can demonstrate value. Here's what 100 practitioners came up with.

Benchmarking word cloud

How To Benchmark Your L&D Strategy (and Why)

A quick overview of benchmarking, what the Towards Maturity Benchmark can do and what you need to get started.

Businessman pressing badge button stock

How to Drive Learner Engagement with Micro-credentials and Open Badges

Geoff Chapman explores how micro and digital credentials could help L&D teams drive engagement with learning opportunities.


Practitioner Tips from the CIPD L&D show

Preparing for the future of learning - Practitioner tips from the CIPD L&D show May 2016

Press Release

Press: Learning Impact Improves When L&D Work in Collaboration with Business, According to Towards Maturity Research

L&D leaders are more able to demonstrate value when working with business leaders to solve performance problems.

Press Release

Press: Helping L&D Leaders Make an Impact at the 2016 Learning Technologies Summer Forum

Towards Maturity will be focusing on how L&D professionals can modernise their L&D strategy at the 2016 LT Summer Forum.

Learning Technologies thumbnail

What's On at the 2016 Learning Technologies Summer Forum

With the LT Summer Forum coming up next week at London Olympia, we want to give you a heads-up on some of the best bits.

Brain friendly learning

How Understanding the Science of Learning Can Help L&D

Gary Luffman tells us how an application of neuroscience fundamentals could impact learner behaviour.

Press Release

Press: Research Shows Retailers Are Wedded to Formal Learning at Expense of Embracing Modern Learning Practices

New research from Towards Maturity reveals the retail sector may be yet to explore the benefits of social and informal learning.

9 Top Deck Tips to Prepare You for the Future of Learning

9 Top Deck Tips to Prepare You for the Future of Learning

Are today's L&D teams prepared for what that means for learning in the future?

Awards glass trophies fake title

The Number One Tool for Helping You Win Awards

Entering awards can be daunting and time-consuming. However, they provide a great opportunity for constructive reflection.

Embracing Change

Embracing Change: What can Today's Learning Leaders Teach Us?

What can today's learning leaders teach us about using evidence to support performance and capability? Watch this and find out.

Ideas for induction Sponge UK

Real Life Ideas for Improving Induction

Louise Pasterfield explores Towards Maturity data to uncover practical ideas that could inspire change in your organisation.

Leadership origami boats

Leadership and management matters, obviously

Mindset, behaviour, values and the ability to reflect, change and grow are all valuable characteristics - but are they being nurtured?

Laura Overton headshot laughing red dress

Meet Laura Overton in the US and Europe in the Next 4 Weeks

Laura Overton will be sharing how to embrace change on both sides of the Atlantic in the next 4 weeks - it would be great ...

Press Release

Fit for Purpose, Fit for the Future: Towards Maturity Urges L&D Teams to Champion Performance Improvement

Towards Maturity calls on L&D teams to check their performance now, in order to help them prepare for the future.

Press Release

Organisations Investing More in L&D as Workforces Move Towards Integrated Learning

The L&D function needs the skills to deliver new learning, as a third of organisations plan to increase budget.


What Not to Miss at the CIPD L&D Show 2016

We highlight some of the best bits coming up at this year's show - here's what not to miss and where to find the best ...

Press Release

Towards Maturity Welcomes Learning Pool into its Ambassador Programme

Award-winning e-learning provider Learning Pool has become a part of Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme.

Learning Impact: A Progress Update

Learning Impact: A Progress Update

How can L&D impact both organisational and business performance and what are the tactics of the most successful organisations?

Mobile Learning: What's It Good For? Absolutely Everything

Making Mobile Learning a Success: 5 Real-Life Practical Examples

Ian Baxter explores how to make mobile learning a success, with 5 real-life examples of how it can be harnessed at the point of need.

Learning to Flourish: 3 Critical Steps to Help You Deliver Positive Change

Learning to Flourish: 3 Critical Steps to Help You Deliver Positive Change

How do you move effectively from project to profit? Matthew Borg, Managing Partner at Acteon, helps us see how to #MakeItHappen.

Learning How to Learn - neural pathways

Learning How to Learn: 37 Tips for L&D Professionals

L&D is changing so rapidly and so profoundly that no-one in the profession can afford to let their professional development slide.

Press Release

L&D Playing Catch-up as Workers Adopt New Ways of Working and Learning, Says New Towards Maturity Research

A new report from Towards Maturity reveals that L&D teams are finding themselves trying to keep up.

Press Release

Mid-Sized Businesses Are Failing Modern Learners, New Research Shows

New research reveals that mid-sized businesses are struggling to support the needs of today’s self-driven learners.

Performance Consulting - Nigel Harrison

How To Improve our Performance Consultancy Skills: Key Takeaways from the CLC Seminar

Here's how learning leaders can challenge the 'quick fix' syndrome when being asked to come up with business solutions.

TJ Cover Feb 2016

Training Journal Interview reveals the History and Values Behind Towards Maturity

This interview with Laura Overton sheds light on the history behind one of the world's largest independent L&D benchmark studies.

Four Responsibilities >BL

The Four Responsibilities of the Learning Professional

This guest blog from Clive Shepherd explores 4 responsibilities essential for a modern L&D professional.

Press Release

Learning Transformation the Number One Priority for Delivering Business Impact, Towards Maturity Reveals

Survey reveals the action priorities of L&D professionals for delivering business impact in the coming year.

Webinar: 10 Insights for Engaging with Learners

Join Towards Maturity and Filtered for this webinar to learn what technology choices today's learners are making.

Focus - Jigsaw puzzle recoloured

Why L&D need to FOCUS to move on

Laura Overton shares five areas where L&D teams can make a real impact in 2016, along with a new challenge to L&D leaders.

Press Release

Research debunks the myths and shows the impact of the 70:20:10 model for organisational learning

Charles Jennings and Towards Maturity debunk myths surrounding the 70:20:10 model for organisational learning

Press Release

Corporate Learning 'Wildly Out of Sync' With How Individuals Learn for Themselves, Research Reveals

Research on more than 2000 potential workers reveals the gulf between learner aspirations & the experience of learning in the workplace

Building a Global Learning Culture

Resources and tips from Towards Maturity and Top Deck Organisation Worldmark from #LT16UK


Make an Impact in 2016: Starting with LT16

If you want to know how to make an impact in 2016 - check out these seminars at Learning Technologies.

Woman splashed in the face

Webinar: Reinvigorate Your Compliance Training

If you want to engage learners and affect compliant behaviour, here's new insights that will help you move things forward.

Monkey Trap

Why L&D need to let go to move on!

Laura Overton reflects on the year past and gives us a list of 'let go!'s for the future that can't be ignored...

Press Release

Make It Happen: Learning Leaders Urged to Turn Aspiration into Action Throughout 2016

Towards Maturity launches a campaign to provide practical resources to help L&D professionals demonstrate the impact of learning.

2016 Year of Action

Calling All Learning Professionals: Make 2016 the Year of Action!

If you are planning to transform learning in 2016, we're offering a free gift to help you make the best decisions for the year ahead.

Top Deck Thumbnail

Learn from Top Deck Companies at Learning Technologies 2016

Several Top Deck Learning companies are sharing at Learning Technologies this year - learn from the best!

Christmas reading 2015

Our Recommended Christmas Reading 2015

Laura Overton shares her recommended reading list for people wanting to push the boundaries of L&D further than ever.

Commando Spirit logo

Recognising Talent and Leadership in Unlikely Places

Marnie's experience 'Surviving the Yomp' for charity identified opportunities for leadership recognition in today's workforce.

Cafe Africa 2015

Adventitious Learning at Café Africa

As a part of Towards Maturity’s world tour for 2015, we had the pleasure of participating at LRMG’s Café Africa event.

Real Learning Jay Cross

Real Learning from Jay Cross

Jay Cross demonstrated what it means to be a Real Learner – to adapt , to change, to inspire others and to grow.

eLearning Awards 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 E-learning Awards Winners!

We booked out a table to celebrate with the L&D industry's finest in 2015.

CLC Conference 2015

7 Mindset Shifts on Learning from the CLC Conference

7 key mindset shifts that L&D needs to make that we learned at the Charity Learning Conference.

OEB15 logo

Embracing Change at Online Educa Berlin

Check out the Business Educa Programme at Online Educa Berlin, to find out how your L&D team can prepare for the future.

Embracing Change: Report Thumb

Embracing change: What are people already saying about the 2015 Industry Benchmark Report?

We've curated some of the first reaction statements to the 2015-16 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report.

Embracing Change: Report Thumb

Embracing Change: The L&D Leader's Perspective

Dave Buglass, Head of Organisational Capability and Development at Tesco Bank, shares his view on learning and development.

Press Release

70% of L&D teams failing to improve business productivity, according to 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study

Despite high aspirations to make an impact on the business, the latest Towards Maturity research shows direction for the way ahead.

Press Release

Most Businesses Not Yet Benefiting From Technology-Enabled Ethics and Compliance Training

Study finds only 2 in 10 companies are achieving their goals to protect and elevate their businesses.

Water splash

Driving Performance in a Knowledge Economy: The Secret Sauce for People Professionals

Continual learning is essential for organisational and individual success. HR and L&D have a critical role to play. But are we ready?

Team meeting

The 3 Needs of Corporate Learning, Part 3: L&D Team Needs

In part 3, we take a look at what L&D practitioners need from the learning and development function in 2015 and beyond.

Learner Books

The 3 Needs of Corporate Learning, Part 2: Learner Needs

In part 2 of 3, we take a look at what learners need from the learning and development function in 2015 and beyond.

DevLearn 2015

9 Takeaways from DevLearn 2015

We hit the ground running in Las Vegas at the end of September, as we joined 2,800 L&D professionals at DevLearn for the first time.

Tightening Tie

The 3 Needs of Corporate Learning, Part 1: Business Needs

In the lead up to the launch, we take a look at what businesses need from the learning and development function in 2015 and beyond.

Press Release

Press: Mid-Sized Businesses Failing to Adopt New Approaches to Learning

Mid-sized businesses are failing to capitalise on the benefits of learning technologies, but there is still hope for success.

Global Learning Hands

Global Learning: Sharing Opportunities and Challenges

Do the challenges we face differ as we move across geographies? Or do we have more in common than we think?


10 Hidden Secrets of Top Performing L&D Teams

Laura Overton unveiled these 10 success trends found through the TM Benchmark at DevLearn 2015.

The Origins of 70:20:10

Bert De Coutere uncovers the origins of the framework so often talked about yet so misunderstood.

Press Release

Press: Record Number of L&D Professionals Utilising Data to Shape Future Strategies

Bumper year for Personalised Benchmark Reports shows L&D professionals are turning to data to help shape their learning strategies.

Hot Air Balloons

The Dawn of the Self-Developing Organisation

Kevin Young of Skillsoft highlights where talent development is headed, how L&D delivery needs to change and what you can do about it.

2015 E-Learning Awards Shortlist Announced

We're abundantly pleased with this year's shortlist, including Ambassadors and Benchmarkers actively pushing the L&D industry forward.

Press Release

Press: Leadership Development Programmes Having Little Business Impact, Towards Maturity Research Shows

L&D teams are failing to develop leadership development programmes that improve individual and business performance.

Press Release

Press: Towards Maturity Data Reveals a Growing Skills Crisis in L&D

Early findings from the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study show that lack of skills is holding back L&D teams.

7 Practical Tips for Building the Skills of Your L&D Team

Transforming L&D: How to Build the Right Skills for Success

We grapple with the continuing issue of building skills in the L&D team, offering advice on how to get started and make progress.

Why Do You Benchmark Your Training Activities? 10 L&D Pros Share Their Reasons

With less than two weeks to go before this year’s benchmark study closes, we asked why L&D professionals participated so far.

Shouting Megaphone

Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

Laura Overton discusses the difference between L&D teams who discuss needs and those who align their actions to support them.


Towards Maturity Goes Global for 2015

See our planned international dates coming up, with Laura Overton presenting on a variety of topics and challenges around the globe.

Press Release

Press: Towards Maturity Announces New 70:20:10 Performance Improvement Benchmarks

Brand new indicators demonstrate the extent to which L&D functions are implementing the 70:20:10 framework in their organisation.

Press Release

Press: Reed Learning joins the Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme

Reed Learning announced as the newest member of the Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme.

Industry Experts Explain Why L&D Leaders Need to Benchmark

Nigel Paine and Clive Shepherd explain why L&D must turn to evidence-based decision-making

CIPD Podcasts

CIPD Podcast: Aligning L&D with Business Objectives and Emerging Practices

Laura Overton, Julian Stodd and Andrew Jacobs share their perspectives on what alignment with the business looks like in a VUCA world.

LEO & TM icons

Bringing Learning to the Boardroom

How to Open a new conversation with business leaders: Download this resource and get your C-suite excited about the potential of L&D.

What Are People Saying about the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark?

Find out what participants have been saying about the process and see how our Benchmark has impacted decisions and stakeholders.

GiveBackUK logo

GiveBackUK: An Interview with Martin Baker

How do you help the overwhelming majority of charities that have no budget whatsoever for L&D? Find out in this interview article.

World of Learning Conf thumb (no date)

Treat Yourself to the World of Learning Conference 2015

This autumn, join peers to discuss the current issues affecting L&D professionals and look ahead to the future of workplace learning.

7 Practical Tips for Building the Skills of Your L&D Team

7 Practical Tips for Building the Skills of Your L&D Team

Whether you are an individual or team of 100, one thing is clear: times are changing and the skills in our L&D teams need to ...

What is Influencing the Future of L&D?

What is Influencing the Future of L&D?

We are in the privileged position of being able to share early insights into real evidence of how L&D leaders see the future unfolding.

Fortune Favours the Bold! Newtons Cradle

Fortune Favours the Bold! How L&D Can Open New Conversations with Business

Armed with new models of learning and tools proven to the do the job, it is time to challenge business leaders' assumptions.

Analytics Thumb

Why Analytics Trumps Intuition in Today’s L&D

Less than 1 in 5 L&D leaders use analytics or benchmarking to improve the services they deliver. It's time for new learning benchmarks.

Press Release

Press: Retailers Reap the Rewards of Technology-Enabled Learning Strategies

Towards Maturity's research, supported by Kallidus, reveals that retailers are improving revenue, productivity and behavioural change.

61 Reasons to Benchmark Your L&D Strategy, Today

We know it's hard to schedule time to reflect - so we came up with 61 reasons why you need to benchmark.

Speexx Thought piece article

What Happens When Big Data Meets E-learning?

Speexx draws on lessons from over 70,000 corporate and academic learners, in order to communicate more effectively around the globe.


Getting Evidence-Based: How Vodafone’s Global Learning Programme Used 6 Great Principles

Six principles Lumesse identified whilst working with Vodafone, that brought success in a global organisation.

LT thumbnail

Make the Most of Learning Technologies Summer Forum

Here's our feature on the best events and places to connect at the LT Summer Forum. It's worth your time, trust us!

Andy Lancaster

The What and Why of Benchmarking: CIPD's Head of L&D Explains All

Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development at the CIPD explains what benchmarking involves and how leaders can use it.

Towards Maturity urges organisations to put evidence at the heart of corporate learning strategies

The 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark, launched today, helps L&D Leaders to use evidence to shape future success

Trophy Bokeh effect

Get Ready to WIN: 12 Tips and 4 Killjoys for Awards Preparation

Entry for awards provides a great opportunity to reflect on and share success. But how do you know you are ready to go for it?

Optimising L&D Performance

Everyone is talking about data. But why the big fuss?

Article - How Personal Is Your Compliance Training

It's Personal: 5 Tips for Engaging Compliance Training

Acteon provide a mini-guide on how to tackle compliance training to ensure engagement.


5 Reasons not to miss the CIPD L&D show

If you are in the middle of modernising your L&D strategy, here are 5 reasons not to miss the CIPD L&D conference in London, 13-14 ...

Unity dark logo

Adding a Third Dimension to Learning: the How, the When and the Why

Rob Keery from Brightwave explores the potential of using three-dimensions in e-learning, unfolding when, why and how you should go 3D.

DPG logo

Creating Impact Through L&D Business Partnering

What impact would developing your senior L&D team into Business Partners have on your business?

Lynda.com & LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn’s latest acquisition another nail in the coffin for L&D?

Laura Overton unfolds what the announcement means for L&D professionals and what you should be doing about it.


Are you Equipped to Lead L&D into the Future?

Laura Overton is speaking at the CIPD L&D show in May. Come and be challenged, inspired and equipped to lead your team into the future.

Charles Jennings

70:20:10 - The Practicalities of Supporting Learning at Work

An invitation to join Charles Jennings to explore how the 70:20:10 framework can help you support learners effectively.

Lumesse Webinar Dispersed Teams

Going Global: The Challenges of Geographically Dispersed Teams

Join our webinar with Lumesse Learning as we uncover research and share practical solutions for globally dispersed teams.

Data Abstract Thumb

Why Today's Businesses Should Use Learning Data

Piers Lea details why LEO places data analysis at the core of L&D strategy; reflecting on personalisation, responsiveness and LRS.

Starting Line Thumb

Are Your Staff Ready to Learn Online?

Three of five L&D staff report that learners are reluctant to engage. Should we be asking if our workforce is ready to learn online?

Blender Thumb

5 Ways to Improve Your Onboarding Using Blended Learning

C&G Kineo shares how effective onboarding practices can meet the needs of both the organisation and its new staff.

Debunking the 'Learner Centric' Myths of L&D

3 out of 5 claim learners and managers fail to engage. Where are we going wrong? How can our learners help us get back on ...

Speed, Innovation, Change: How to Meet the Learning Challenge

Towards Maturity's eXchange once again welcomed Nigel Paine, former Head of Learning for the BBC. Find out what he shared.

LT thumbnail

Conference Roundup: Learning Technologies 2015

After a great show, here's our insights, takeaways and a host of fantastic resources that you're bound to benefit from.

LT thumbnail

What We Learned from eXchanges at LT15

Read what subject experts shared during these unique roundtable discussions at LT15. We guarantee you'll want to come along next year.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Communities of Practice

Kandy Woodfield, NatCen Social Research, shares insights on how technology is radically altering the way data research happens.

How to deliver business results with game-based learning

Can serious games meet serious training needs? Mark Reilly, Head of Corporate Training at McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, explains.

How to Identify the Right Learning Tools for the Social Age

Nic Laycock reports what was shared during the roundtable discussion with Julian Stodd at the LT15 eXchange.

How To Get Your L&D Team in 'Tip Top' Condition for 2015

To achieve our aspirations and modernise, we need to take action if we are going to get our teams in top condition for 2015.

Infographic 2014

Infographic: The DNA of a Top Deck L&D Team

A new resource to support your evidence based learning strategy in 2015.

Press: Sector Benchmark Reports - Finance, Energy & Professional Services

New research highlights the drivers behind L&D change in the finance, energy and professional services sectors

More Than Blended Learning

More Than Blended Learning

New ‘end-to-end’ design approach by Clive Shepherd to transform learning interventions and deliver results

Press: Towards Maturity’s Global Ambassador Programme goes from strength to strength

Skillsoft, DPG plc and GoodPractice join Towards Maturity's Ambassador Programme

LT thumbnail

Two Great Seminars You Missed at LT15

Work smart, refine your strategy. These seminars will help you find the right ideas, goals and tactics to bring success in 2015.

LT thumbnail

Our Definitive Guide to Learning Technologies 2015

TM's guide to LT15: Face-to-face conversations with conference speakers, free seminars & new TM reports - make the most of LT15.

L&D Benchmarks: Discover the Actions that Get Results

If you are planning to benchmark your L&D strategy, make your time count.

LT thumbnail

Brand New Event for LT15: Generate

Learn about a new event where LT15 delegates will gather to generate new ideas & solutions to help modernise learning at work.

Learning Technologies 2015 eXchange

Learning Technologies eXchanges, a great opportunity to get up and close to conference speakers

TM Icon Christmas Hat

12 Top Deck Tips for Christmas

Find out what the top 10% (organisations delivering the biggest results in L&D) do better than anyone else to achieve success.

2014 Benchmark thumbnail

Senior L&D Leaders React to the 2014 Benchmark Findings

On 30th October, LEO and Towards Maturity hosted an exclusive event. Find out how senior L&D leaders responded.

70:20:10 – Practical Ideas for Embedding Learning into the Workflow

Over 100 people shared practical insights at OEB Berlin – here's what we found out.

Nigel Paine - The Learning Challenge

“The Learning Challenge” by Nigel Paine

Nigel Paine finds 5 main conclusions and synergy with the findings of the Towards Maturity 2014 Benchmark Report.

2014 Benchmark thumbnail

Ambassador Reactions to the 2014-15 Benchmark Report

Read the independent reactions to TM's 2014 Benchmark Report from Ambassadors, influential industry innovators and thought leaders.

Our 60-Day Gift: Get Fit For 2015

We're giving away something very valuable this year...and making it available for 60 days!

Engaging Learners: 8 Tips We Gleaned from Content Marketing Experts

Here are 8 tips from the content marketing experts that can help us rethink the way that we engage learners.

e-learning awards thumb 2014

Congratulations to the 2014 e-Learning Award Winners

Over 550 guests gathered last night at the glorious eLearning Awards, to celebrate the industry's finest.

Press: Towards Maturity 2014-15 Benchmark Study Released Today

L&D fails to get to grips with learning technologies, according to 2014 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study

OEB 2014

What every L&D Professional Needs for Christmas.

Fresh inspiration, new ideas, clear action plans and a trip to the Christmas market are all part of Online Educa Berlin.

Kineo report

New City & Guilds Kineo Learning Insights Report

Join Genny Dixon on 25th of November to explore how the New City & Guilds Kineo Insights report can help you modernise learning.

Press Release: Are corporate learning strategies hitting the mark?

Sign up and join us for the 2014 Towards Maturity benchmark launch on 6 November 2014

Sponge Logo Thumbnail

A Warm Welcome to Our Latest Ambassador, Sponge UK

Towards Maturity welcomes leading e-learning company, Sponge UK, into the thought-leadership Ambassador Programme.

Get The Edge: Going East and Down Under

Laura Overton will be speaking at two major L&D events in Singapore and Australia - register here!

If you do nothing else this year, do this.

The one ingredient that will turn a mediocre learning strategy into an outstanding one.

CIPD Aligning Learning to Business

Aligning Learning to Business: Why now? What's Next?

L&D Leaders challenged businesses to 'Get The Edge' by aligning learning to business, at this joint event by CIPD & TM.

e-learning awards thumb 2014

2014 E-learning Awards Shortlist Announced!

Towards Maturity congratulates all those who have been shortlisted in this year's e-learning awards.

TM ELN Event Sept 2014

Event: Mobile Learning - Myth or Reality?

Towards Maturity is to open the ELN Mobile event on 19th September in London.

The Towards Maturity Personalised Benchmark Report

You've received your Personalised Benchmark Report...here's six tips to help you use your results and act for change.

WOLC 2014

Towards Maturity's Guide to World of Learning 2014

Our guide to making the most of WOrld of learning - PLUS a special discount for TM Benchmark participants


Benchmark with the Best: Deliver Award-Winning Results

Benchmark to be a WINNER: Why Awards Shouldn't be One-Night Only

LEO white on black (Small)

Towards Maturity Welcomes our New Founding Ambassador: LEO

As we say goodbye to Epic and Line Communications, we welcome LEO - one of our founding Ambassadors.

Struggling to Engage Learners? Help is at Hand!

If you are looking for quick wins and a long-term fix to help you engage learners, read on...

Grabbing the attention of learners

Grabbing the attention of Time Starved Learners

How L&D can apply 8 killer tips from Content Marketing to engage busy staff

reflection piece

Modernising Learning, The Smart Way: Why Reflection Improves Performance

New research shows that taking time out to reflect on our work improves learning and job performance in the long run.

LEO Transforming Learning Event

Resource: How to Transform Learning

On 18th July, a group of L&D leaders joined Towards Maturity and LEO to identify how we can transform learning.

CIPD logo

New Strategic Partnership: Towards Maturity & CIPD collaborate to drive L&D innovation

CIPD and Towards Maturity join forces to use thought leadership and research to drive practice and innovation in L&D.

Looking Back: What People Say about the Towards Maturity Benchmark

Find out what people have said about the Towards Maturity Benchmark, and how it can help you.

CIPD logo

Towards Maturity collaborates with CIPD for the launch of the 2014 Benchmark Study

L&D leaders are invited to benchmark with peers to help improve results and accelerate innovation in the learning profession.

OEB14 logo

Conference Spotlight: Online Educa Berlin

5 industry 'gurus' explain why corporate L&D leaders shouldn't miss Online Educa Berlin!

saba thumbnail

Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme Welcomes Saba

Global Provider of Learning and Talent Management Solutions Saba Joins Towards Maturity’s growing Ambassador programme

Making the most of the Learning Technology Summer Forum

A summary of the best conference sessions, free resources and seminars!

Top 30 inspirational moments from #CIPDLDShow 2014

Here are some nuggets that inspired Towards Maturity's Laura Overton from this week's CIPD Learning and Development Show in London

Learning now event thumbnail

LearningNow: How to make your Learning Effective, Efficient and Engaging

Download practical tips from delegates at the Towards Maturity/Epic LearningNow event

Charities spotlight

Press Release - New Towards Maturity study spotlight’s innovative learning in the charity sector

New independent research launched at the CIPD L&D show

Learning now 25 tips thumbail 1

LearningNow - 25 tips for delivering Performance Support

Download these handy crowdsourced tips from the 3rd of our LearningNow series in conjunction with Epic.

cipd event

Towards Maturity's 19 tips for making the most of CIPD L&D Show 2014

Planning a visit? Check out our recommendations for the ‘Best Bits’ of the CIPD Learning & Development Show.

SLideshare April 2014

The L&D challenge for 2014: Balancing business priorities and individual needs

Laura Overton shares slides on one of the challenges of today’s L&D dept' – how to balance the needs of business and individuals.

Serious e-learning manifesto signatory badge

Serious eLearning Manifesto - why now?

Towards Maturity responds to the Serious #elearningmanifesto & why we need to be constantly reminded about great e-learning design

Learning now event thumbnail

LearningNow - Cost effective ways to reach out to and motivate learners

Join us at LearningNow on 2nd April for practical ways to deliver learning that is effective, efficient and engaging.

learner lab

Towards Maturity and LearnerLab partner to put engagement centre stage of workplace learning agenda -

TM & LearnerLab team up to help org's make informed decisions re:how best to engage & support their people based on online behaviour.

How to influence the “C” Suite - Surviving and thriving in the great learning shift|

Nigel Paine shares his latest ideas in conversation with other L&D professionals at the #LT14UK Towards Maturity eXchanges

Campaign for Learning thumbnail

Campaign for learning, helping your staff to release their potential through learning

Learning at Work Week aims to help you discover how your learners learn and how to make the most of the learning technology available

Spend or save

Building the Case for ‘Spend to Save’

Learning innovation requires investment, but when budgets are tight does your management spend OR save, or spend TO save?

disengaed learners thumbnail

Engaging disengaged Learners

Laura Overton shares valuable insights from 500 L&D professionals into engaging disengaged learners in the workplace

New learning agenda 3 thumbnail

New Learning Agenda Part 3: Customer Activated Learning

In the 3rd part of the New Learning Agenda Series, we recommend a shift to customer activated learning before it is too late!

How do we meet the challenge of tracking mobile learning?

Helen Bingham and Alison Potter, NHS in conversation at the #LT14UK Towards Maturity eXchange.

How do you design learning solutions which are not forgotten a day later?

Clive Shepherd shares his latest ideas in conversation with other L&D professionals at the #LT14UK Towards Maturity eXchange

How do you develop your organisation's User Experience design/architecture capability?

Chris Atherton and Simon Bostock from Equal Experts share their ideas in conversation at the #LT14UK Towards Maturity eXchange

21 century learning

21st Century Learning for 21st Century Legal Firms - Catch up on the webinar

Looking to transform learning for legal professionals? Catch up on our webinar including case study with Clifford Chance

Towards Maturity definitive guide to making the most of Learning Technologies 2014 for free

Kick start your success for 2014 with our plan ahead guide for LT14UK

How to future proof your L&D strategy

What have we learned in the last 10 years that will prepare us for the next?

Implementing the New Learning Agenda - Towards Maturity Ambassador Tips

Implement the New Learning Agenda - pick up practical tips from Towards Maturity's Ambassadors at LT 2014

TM Benchmark 2013 - Legal Spotlight Report thumbnail

Towards Maturity Legal Sector Report 2013 PRESS RELEASE

TM releases Legal Sector Spotlight Report: how technology-enabled learning can prepare the sector for the 21st C. business environment.

christmas quiz red bow

Towards Maturity Christmas Quiz

What is on your learner's wish list for 2014? Try our quiz and find out

LT14 Mag Thumbnmail

New Learning Agenda part 2: Learning Transformation - turning talk into action!

Towards Maturity's Laura Overton looks at learning transformation and why w have to turn talk into action

2013 Benchmark report thumbnail

New Learning Agenda Part 1 – Why it is time to take alignment seriously!

Towards Maturity's Laura Overton takes a look at the power of business alignment and how to pursue it

CLC xmas logo thumbnail

The 12 days of e-Learning….

Don’t miss out as award winning charities donate their top e-learning tips this Christmas!


38 E-learning traps and how to avoid them

Sharing the collective wisdom of 70 delegates at Online Educa Berlin 2013 #OEB13

Towards Maturity research reveals business impact of technology-enabled learning

TM Benchmark study 2013 reveals that technology enabled learning has helped business’ reduce costs and increase productivity

Learning Technologies eXchanges 2014

Book now for a unique free opportunity to get up close and personal with the speakers at the 2014 Learning Technology event.

LINE - thumbnail 2

LINE gives TM Benchmark Report 2013 a big thumbs up

LINE, TM Ambassador, gives New Learning Agenda TM Benchmark Report 2013 a glowing review!

New learning agenda Thumbnail

New Learning Agenda – Talent:Technology:Change

Laura Overton shares the findings of the 2013-14 Towards Maturity Benchmark study & the New Learning Agenda for business and L&D

The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual thumb nail

The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual

This is a must-read practical guide to all the key topics in e-learning - edited by Rob Hubbard & written by global e-learning experts

Charles Gould, MD Brightwave, on why benchmarking is essential to L&D

Charles Gould, MD of Brightwave and TM Ambassador shares why benchmarking is an essential tool for the L&D profession today.

2013 Benchmark report thumbnail

Peter Cheese CIPD Foreword to 2013 Towards Maturity Benchmark

Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD, provides the forward to the Towards Maturity Benchmark Report 2013, New Learning Agenda.


5 reasons not to miss ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN

If moocs, mobile,video, culture change and global rollouts are on your hit list then join us at Online Educa Berlin 4 - 6 Dec 2013.

LearningNow: Induction Strategies that Work

How to make first impressions count - download this free white paper from our latest LearningNow event with TM Ambassador, Epic.


Towards Maturity’s 7 secrets of top performing L&D teams

This presentation by Laura Overton draws on research with over 2,900 organisations to outline 7 secrets of top performing teams.

leadership thumbnail

How to ensure Talent & Leadership delivers business results

According to Accenture individuals & organisations to be more productive need to be asking some questions about leadership & talent...

Future learning

Preparing for a future of technology driven corporate learning

Technology is no longer just the enabler but the driver of products & services. How can you use this fact to stay ahead of competitors?

E-Learning Awards 2013 - The Gold Standard!

Congratulations to all TM Benchmark participants and Ambassador's who picked up accoladesin this year's e-learning awards

Brightwave thumbnail

Spotlight on finance - the state of play for learning technologies

Charles Gould of Brightwave reflects on TM's Finance Report and asks how learning techs' fit into the priorities of the Finance Sector

Press release: Speexx opens registration for third annual Speexx Exchange in Berlin

Press Release - Speexx addresses demand for talent mobility and global e-learning scenarios on the eve of Online Educa Berlin

Gov Report

Learning - the next big business opportunity for UK PLC

Towards Maturity responds to new report from UK's Dept for Business Innovation and Skills on global education opportunity

New Infographic looking at L&D in the Finance Sector

Review compare act

How to use your Personalised Benchmark Report to become a Top Learning Company

6 ways to use your Personalised Benchmark Report to refine strategy, engage stakeholders and open up new conversations

Open badges

Open Badges: what’s it all about?

Open Badges Infrastructure led by Mozzilla and the MacArthur Foundation provide a standard means of issuing & displaying digital badges

6 secrets of m-mobile success

Laura Overton, from Towards Maturity, shares the 6 secrets of why organisations should build a business case for mobile learning

7 characteristics of highly aligned L&D departments

Workshops slides containing practical lessons learned and hints & tips from the 60 participating delegates at the L&S Summer Forum 2013

Trends: Driving the Agile Organisation

In a report from Accenture in a volatile & uncertain world organisations that can change & adapt will out pace their competitors

Speexx wins the prestigious 2013 IELA Award

Speexx, Towards Maturity Ambassador, wins the prestigious 2013 IELA Award

Speexx calls for organisations to capitalise on workforce development and global talent mobility

Press Release, Speexx, TM Ambassador - It has called for global organisations to capitalise on greater talent development & mobility

Boosting business results and engagement – 3 simple steps for L&D professionals

Laura Overton shares how formal benchmarking can help L&D leaders become the boost business results and improve learning engagement

Be the best

Be The Best in 2013

Get involved with #bethebest13 to fast track your way to L&D success

13 reasons not to miss the L&S Summer Forum

Looking for new ways to engage your business with learning? Check out our recommendations for the L&S group Summer Forum

Towards Maturity launches the 2013 Benchmark Study to help organisations measure the effectiveness of their L&D activities

Organisations are invited to independently review their online learning strategy and directly compare themselves with others

Upsidelearning thumbnail 1

Upside Learning renews its Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme Membership

One year on Upside Learning renews its Ambassador membership with Towards Maturity and supports the 2013 TM Benchmark Survey

Awards cup

Are you ready to win an award? Benchmarking can help!

Use the Towards Maturity Benchmark to help you prepare for your award win (plus 12 hints and tips for planning your submission!)

Cross border training

Effective communication and aligned online training is pivotal for business success

We all want to boost business productivity. Armin Hopp, founder of Speexx, explains how with effective cross-border online training.

Practical ideas to support the application of learning in your workplace

Laura Overton and Bob Mosher from Ontuitive uncover practical ways to harness existing performance support systems more effectively

Mobile learning at LINE event

Six secrets of m-learning success: turning mobile learning aspirations into reality

Laura highlights factors causing mobile to capture our attention and some significant barriers preventing m-learning in organisations

World of Learning Conference & Exhibition 2013

World of Learning Conference & Exhibition 1st & 2nd October 2013 NEC, Birmingham - Up to 30% off booking for TM Benchmark users!


Bridging the gap between technology and commitment to workforce learning needs

Armin Hopp argues that global commitment to centralised learning platform needs local support for unlocking potential for consumers

Upside tnail

The LMS of “Now” and how you can leverage it

Amit Gautam from Upside Learning offers six vital “Nows” of LMS and how you can leverage them for your organisation

Towards Maturity partners with SAI Global to launch new compliance training study

L & D and compliance professionals are invited to contribute to new benchmark study to examine effective online learning practices.

Enough is Enough - time to rethink the way we approach compliance training!

Make April your time for action - 2 benchmarking activities to help you Review:Compare:Act to improve your compliance training

LearningNow-Taking Compliance Training from turgid to insipring!

Join us on 1st May for the first Learning Now Event - Why won't they comply?

Mobile learning

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Mobile Learning: The Perfect Partnership?

André Wigley, CEO, Redware discusses what's driving the demand for BYOD & what's holding organisations back? Will users do it anyway?

Beyond the Buzz of learning Technologies – an interview with Towards Maturity

Martin Couzins, LearnPatch recorded this google hangout with Laura Overton to discuss the buzz about this year’s Learning Technologies

Dam burst thumbnail

Your Finger's in the Dike and the Dam's About to Burst! Why 2013 is the Year for Performance Support

As the economy picks up in 2013 there's huge opportunity for learning professionals to step up and out into a growth market.


Massive Open Online Courses - Learning Technologies eXchange with Dr Chris Paton

Dr Chris Paton shares his experiences with MOOCs at Learning Technologies eXchange 2103

Business plan design from  freedigitalphoto.net

The habits of successful instructional designers – Allison Rossett shares at Learning Technologies eXchanges

We report on the energetic discussion with Allison Rossett from the @towardsmaturity eXchanges at #LT13UK

Games work keys from freedigitalphoto.net

How can we apply game based thinking to increase learner engagement? Ben Betts shares at Learning Technologies eXchanges

Mark Berthelemy reports on the lively discussion with Ben Betts from this year's Learning Technologies eXchanges 2013

Future key from freedigitalphoto.net

Imagination, engagement and the moments of now - Prof Stephen Heppell shares at Learning Technologies 2013 eXchanges

Prof. Stephen Heppell took part in @towardsmaturity eXchanges at #LT13UK - here are some reflections on the future of learning.

Bridging the Gap – what can we learn from top learning companies about integrating learning and work?

Laura Overton explores what we can take from top learning companies, successfully integrating learning into the workplace.

confused lost signpost from freedigitalphoto.net

Working effectively with subject matter experts Towards Maturity Exchange with Norman Lamont

Norman Lamont considers how to work effectively with SMEs in our first report from Learning Technologies 2013 eXchanges

Catching up with #LT13UK eXchanges

Did you miss #LT13UK and #LAS13UK eXchange programme? Catch up on the conference speakers top tips here

Learndirect thumbnail

Firms unable to take advantage of learning technologies due to lack of IT skills

Drawing on Towards Maturity research, learndirect details obstacles to effective training


Bupa International first to deploy Towards Maturity’s new Learner Audit

Bupa International is to deploy Towards Maturity’s new Learner Audit, to find out more about its staff and how they learn

HTML5 Thumbnail

Mobile learning with HTML5

As mobile technology gives more power to mobile users, Rob Caul explains how HTML5 will open the floodgates for mobile learning

Learning Technologies thumbnail

27 reasons to visit Learning Technologies 2013

Towards Maturity’s round -up of the best of what to expect from the Learning Technology Exhibition 29th and 30th of January.

bright ideas lightbulb LT2013

Bright Ideas from Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors

Download 175 Bright ideas from this year's Learning Technologies

Trophy thumbnail

Become a top learning company in 2013

It’s time to revisit your personalised benchmark report to uncover how you can accelerate business results and improve efficiency.

Bob Little

Perspectives on Learning Technologies

Bob Little provides suggestions for success for Towards Maturity Learning Technology Benchmark participants

Learning Technologies eXchanges 2013

Book now for a unique free opportunity to get up close and personal with the speakers at this year’s Learning Technology event.

Oned Berlin thumbnail

Crowdsourcing solutions to common business challenges at Online Educa Berlin

The Business EDUCA Opening Conversation at Online EDUCA BERLIN 2012 gave some great insights as delegates shared their challenges

Apples and Pears

Apples and pears? Deploying apps and responsive design within a mobile architecture

Piers Lea,CEO of Line Communications, uncovers the arguments and key choices around deploying apps and responsive design

Global Comms

Empowering communication skills in the workplace

Armin Hopp details how e-learning has taken centre stage for organisations tackling their language skills needs across new markets

e-learning award 2012

Laura Overton wins inaugural Special Achievement Award at the E-Learning Awards

Industry backing for her outstanding contribution was illustrated with standing ovation

Epic thought piece

Learning wherever you are, whenever you need it

The eaglette has landed! Epic's responsive design leads to frustration-free, fully functional use of e-learning on multiple devices


Integrating learning with talent management to improve business performance

Rob Caul, CEO of Kallidus, highlights the value of talent software in helping organisations to nurture and retain their talent pool.

Implementing the 70:20:10 model

Practical insights into implementing the 70:20:10 model from Charles Jennings - Join his workshop 28th November in Berlin.

Improve your learning technology results with free finance sector benchmark briefing

Places are limited, register today for new two hour event in London hosted by Thomson Reuters on November the 21st

Knowing learners needs

What (we think) learners want!

Catch Laura Overton's Ignite session from this year's World of Learning and challenge your assumptions about the way we label learners

Reasons 6 reasons to challenge your thinking at Business Educa, Berlin

Join us at #OEB12 in Berlin at the end of November for great ideas to help business 'Reach Beyond Tomorrow'

Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme increases its international focus with IMC

IMC, one of Europe’s leading e-learning providers, joins Towards Maturity’s growing international Ambassador Programme

redware 2

Redware joins Towards Maturity’s 21 strong Ambassador Programme

Ambassador programme funds Europe’s largest learning technology benchmark study


QA supports sharing of good practice through Towards Maturity’s renowned Ambassador Programme

One of the UK’s largest business learning providers, pledges support to Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme.

Brightwave 2

Using learning technologies to support the end customer

Cheryl Clemons from Brightwave explores how content strategies are evolving to support the end customer

Towards Maturity's pick of the best at World of Learning 2012

22 reasons not to miss World of Learning this year !

Two Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors’ rebrand to reflect their business growth

Information Transfer has changed its name to Acteon Communication and Learning. Whilst e2train has changed its name to Kallidus

e-learning award 2012

E-learning awards 2012 - the winners

The industry recognises the Towards Maturity Benchmark at the 2012 E-learning Awards

Towards Maturity learning technologies benchmark extended due to popular demand

Hundreds of organisations have already taken part – study deadline extended to August 21st

16 ideas to help us move 'Beyond the Course'

A summary of 16 practical ideas for those interested in supporting learners at their point of need.

World of Learning Celebrates 20 years!

Join TM at the World of Learning Conference as it celebrates it's 20th anniversary with top line-up of L&D experts


Towards Maturity and LPI working together to build skills and raise standards in the L&D profession

Campaign for effective elearning

UK elearning community benefits from Towards Maturity benchmark

UK's ELearning Network urges members to participate in Towards Maturity Benchmark as part of its 'Campaign for Effective Elearning'

6 tips to ENGAGE Line Managers with learning

How are top L&D Performers in Towards Maturity Benchmark Engaging with line managers to embed learning and build performance?


Ontuitive joins Towards Maturity’s growing Ambassador Programme

20 leading learning providers make up Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme

Benchmark thumbnail

Join the trend - take part in Towards Maturity 2012 Benchmark Study

Benchmarking in learning is on the increase with a record 600 organisations completing study in 2011

Thumbs up 1

The do's and don't's of winning awards!

A judges perspective on how to get shortlisted and how to win!

People talking

What are people saying about the 2012 Towards Maturity Benchmark?

What are people saying about our 2012 Towards Maturity Benchmark?

Upsidelearning thumbnail 1

Upside Learning, A Leading Learning Solutions Company Joins Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme

Upside Learning joins Towards Maturity’s growing international Ambassador Programme.

Speexx Thought piece article

How does communication effect global talent mobility?

With increased demand for languages, organisations that embrace new technologies in their learning will see the greatest results.

The Cloud

What is the L&D industry is looking for in a learning management system?

What is the dream learning platform? Key desired features will differ in each sector but all agree that it must be cloud-based!


MindLeaders joins Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme to encourage customers to benchmark

MindLeaders joins 19 leading learning organisations to identify and improve good practice in learning

Business educa 2012

Unique opportunity to network and contribute at Online Educa Berlin 2012

Share lessons from your own learning journey at work with peers at Business Educa 2012. Call for Papers now open


SharePoint ALONE is NOT Performance Support

Do we rely too much on SharePoint in the quest for the optimum classroom experience? Our guest blog from Bob Mosher explores


Top tips for encouraging social learning at work

Giles Smith from QA, a TM Ambassador, shares some nuggets on creating an exellent corp' social learning platform.

Eight learning CEOs join Towards Maturity’s Ambassador meeting to help shape major industry study

Industry bodies, the media and L&D professionals also input to research to support effective learning technology adoption

Collaborate to succeed in L&D

Martin Baker from the Charity Learning Consortium shares 6 tips to help L&D professionals collaborate together

Mind the Gap: Are You Anti-Social?

Guest blog from author Dr Karie Willyerd challenges L&D to adapt to changing communication styles of staff.


“Globalitis”—How to Immunise Yourself Against This Debilitating Disease

Is there a cure for “Globalitis” that is undermining international communications? GlobalEnglish thinks it has the answer. Read on…

Think differently

Think differently – reflections on Learning Technologies 2012

Edward De Bono provides an excellent framework to help us reflect on and apply lessons learned from #LT2012.

New Towards Maturity Sector Benchmarks now available

Towards Maturity launches new range of sector reports at Learning Technologies 2012

Towards Maturity helps L & D think differently at Learning Technologies 2012

Free advice, reports, resources and sessions with conference speakers on stand 45 at #LT12UK 25th and 26th January Olympia, London.

Think Differently - new roadmap to help you navigate #LT12UK

Take on the Towards Maturity Challenge & boost your business agility with this new infograpic & roadmap for Learning Technologies 2012

Free advice on your Towards Maturity 2011 Benchmark

Discuss your 2011 personalised benchmark report with the Towards Maturity Team at #LT12UK

LT 2012

20 free seminars that you can’t afford to miss at Learning Technologies 2012

Here is our pick of the best to help you plan your day at this year's Learning Technologies #LT12UK and #LAS12UK

Learning Technology Exchange - new for 2012

Meet, tweet, network and share at the Learning Technologies 2012 eXchange #lt12UK and #LAS12UK Olympia

Learning Scenarios – challenging the way we think about the future

A review of new learning Scenarios developed at Online Educa Berlin 2011

Mastering live online learning

Download notes from the Mastering Live online learning webinar

First European Study Reveals New Automotive Sector Approaches to Learning

The Automotive sector looks beyond the classroom at new learning models to improve competitive advantage

e2train joins Towards Maturity’s growing Ambassador Programme

e2train joins 15 leading learning organisations to provide free industry benchmark research

Launch of 2011-12 Towards Maturity Benchmark

Towards Maturity study reveals how businesses are investing in learning technologies to become more agile in new economic climate

How to successfully implement elearning globally

A new white paper for any multinational organisations looking to implement learning technologies

Towards Maturity launches new programme to excel the business impact of learning technologies

Towards Maturity's Headstart Programme is especially designed to help organisations boost the impact of learning technologies.

Towards Maturity reveals preliminary results of the UK’s largest learning technology benchmark

The preliminary results of Towards Maturity's largest benchmark yet

Going global: what makes a successful international learning implementation?

Join Towards Maturity and CERTPOINT in a free webinar on 23rd of September at 10am and 6pm UK time (chose the time that suits you ...

The eLearning Awards 2011

Congratulations to all of the winners of the eLearning awards 2011!

Record Participation in 2011 Towards Maturity Benchmark

2011 Toward Maturity Benchmark Study sees 50% increase in the number participants.

What are people saying about the 2011 Towards Maturity Benchmark

Over 70% of participants have discovered new ideas to take their strategy forward!

Towards Maturity extends deadline of popular learning technologies benchmark study

400 organisations already taken part – study deadline extended to 16th of August

6 reasons not to miss World of Learning 2011

Great sessions , networking and discounts at WOL to help you on your journey with learning technologies


Reinventing leadership Development – New Benchmark research launched

New research from Towards Maturity shows Leadership development comes of the classroom & into the workplace

TM2011benchmark logo

Towards Maturity 2011 Benchmark Study launched today

Download BOOSTING BUSINESS AGILITY - the 2011-12 Towards Maturity Benchmark

learndirect partners with Towards Maturity to encourage effective e-learning practices

Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme grows to 15 strong

Brightwave Interview with Laura Overton

Towards Maturity's Laura Overton calls for an 'innovation of mindset' in L&D

HR & L&D challenged to reduce silos and embrace change

Thomas Otter, Research VP Gartner challenges HR & L&D to embrace change & reduce silos at this year’s Plateau Insights Europe 2011

Business Educa 2011

Business educa 2011 - Sharing great practices in Europe

Help shape Business Educa to ensure that it addresses the top learning challenges facing Business in Europe - CALL for PAPERS now open

UK Business are missing out say Towards Maturity Ambassadors

UK business missing out on efficiency gains say heads of learning at Towards Maturity Inaugral Ambassador Meeting

Reinventing Leadership development-Towards Maturity Benchmark

New Towards Maturity research project launched to consider how innovative learning approaches impact leadership development.

BILD - The future of e-assessment

The future of e-assessment. Top marks for the e-portfolio but e-testing needs to work harder.

elearning award

Bizmedia and Towards Maturity form good practice partnership

Leading players in e-learning extend their co-operation to increase benefits to users & providers of technology-based learning

The Informatology Peer awards and Conference

The Peer awards & conference provides a unique chance to share your hard learned lessons & be recognised by your peers - find out more!

10 ideas for spring cleaning your e-learning garden

Great results don’t grow on trees, you have to prepare the ground and work for them!


Delivering results - practical ideas to increase stakeholder engagement

Delegates on BILD/TM workshop identify strategies to engage key stakeholders to influence the success of induction training

Social Media - 7 things that L&D can learn from marketing

96% of marketers now use social media as part of their toolkit so what tips can L&D professionals pick up from marketing colleagues?

Online Benchmark Centre launched by Towards Maturity

Online Benchmark Centre launched by Towards Maturity to help Learning & Development deliver results faster and smarter.

learning technologies logo

4 lessons and 1 word of warning from Learning Technologies 2011

Laura Overton reflects on the practical lessons from #LT11UK and has one word of warning.

maze purple

3 simple steps to delivering results with Learning Technologies

How to improve take-up, efficiency and business performance in 3 simple steps.

Benchmarking success in the automotive industry

If you are responsible for getting business results with e-learning in the automotive sector, please take part in our sector benchmark

News- Towards Maturity Treasure Trail with 4 new ambassadors

PRESS RELEASE Towards Maturity create a ‘Treasure Trail’ for Learning Technologies – featuring four new Ambassadors

Discover Hidden Treasure at Learning Technologies 2011

Ambassadors share resources to support your journey with Learning Technologies

Business educa

Perspectives from Online Educa Berlin

The challenge for 2011 is to change our vantage point if we want to make a difference!

Learning technologies 2011

23 reasons to get to Learning Technologies 2011

There is a treasure trove of free information and advice to be shared at LT 2011 - here are 23 reasons why we think you ...

Learning technologies 2011

3 simple steps to accelerate business performance with learning technologies

Join Laura Overton at Learning Technologies 26th & 27th January where she will explore the 2010 Benchmark findings at 3 free seminars

Three steps to compliance greatness

Stephanie Dedhar shares her 3 steps to compliance greatness

Innovation in Compliance training

Practical hints and tips for improving compliance training from the ELearning Network event November 2011


Thank you to Becta

Becta's ongoing legacy to support learning technologies in the workplace.

HOW TO safeguard online learners

Checklist for organisations engaging young adults in their workplace e-learning through apprenticeship schemes or workplacements.

How to work with external e-learning experts

Looking for external experts to support you in your e-learning journey? Take a look at this checklist to help you get best value.

Towards Maturity Launches Ambassador Programme

Press Release - Towards Maturity launches Ambassador Programme to help learning providers stimulate excellence within the industry

Accelerating Performance

Accelerating Performance - Launch of 2010 TM Benchmark

The Towards Maturity 2010 benchmark was launched on 25th November 2010, sharing lessons from over 1200 organisations!

HOW TO - Help staff to get online

With >9m people in the UK not yet online, is lack of staff IT skills a barrier to L&D? This HOW TO will help you ...

elearning award

The 2010 e-learning award Winners

Congratulations to all the 2010 Elearning awards winners - here are a few links to provide a touch of inspiration for the rest of us!

Business Educa

Improve performance at Business Educa Berlin

If you are more interested in results than just learning then join us at Business Educa in Berlin 1 - 3rd December.


Jane Hart's top 100 tools for learning

How are you keeping your own learning up to date? Try something new from Jane Hart's list of top 100 learning tools!


Accelerating the promise

How do we deliver 'more for less' in learning without compromising quality ?

L&D2020 new

L&D 2020 - a guide for next decade

Free e-book launched at 5th Annual TJ conference explores how L&D professionals need to operate in 21st century.

The University of Cambridge Postgraduate Diploma in Training, Learning & Development

Paul Jagger takes a look at a new qualification for senior L&D professionals.

race online

Back to Basics

1/5th of the UK population has never been online - How does this impact your e-learning strategy and what can you do about it?

HOW TO Identify & Design Great Digital Content

What does exemplary digital learning content look like for Business? Use this check list to help you purchase or develop great content.


4 reasons to attend the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition

Why you should attend WOLCE's L&D event at the NEC on 28th and 29th of September!


Bob Mosher Keynoting at IITT annual conference 7- 8th September

Practical advice on leading, delivering and developing learning


Building skills under pressure - update from BILD anual event

7 challenges facing L&D right now, 7 areas of best practice to share and develop

Training Journal

TJ conference and awards - helping L&D support business better!

TM speaking on Using learning innovation to accellerate business change at TJ conference 21st Sept.

L&D Benchmarks - is time to raise the bar?!

How L&D can use benchmarking to raise the bar in terms of performance, products and strategic direction.

Learning innovation in the public sector

Is it time for L&D staff in the public sector to take 'immediate and decisive action' of our own?


Getting results with Learning Technologies – Free event on 21st May

Meet top industry experts at this free interactive workshop in London courtesy of Business in the community. Places limited, book now!

Making an impact with learning technologies - tricks for grabbing management attention

The five secrets of instructional design

Clive Shepherd shares 5 'secrets' of great instructional design with Towards Maturity readers.

Charity benchmark cover

E-learning budget on the increase in the voluntary sector

Press release announcing latest Towards Maturity e-Learning Benchmark for the Charity and Voluntary Sector

eln logo

Conference round up - ELN Event Summary

Conference round-up - e-Learning Network Event Summary “Proven Recipes for Learning Success”

learning technologies logo

Top Tips from Learning Technologies 2010

Here are some of the top tips that we gathered from this year's Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition!

what every L&D prof needs to know

What every L&D professional needs to know about e-learning - tell us what you thought!

Have you downloaded our booket for L&D professionals recently? We'd love to know what you think!

elearning award

E-Learning Awards 2010 Launched

If you were inspired by last year's winners, why not give the e-learning awards 2010 a go!

Learning Technologies in 2010 - the definitive top 10 list

Our definitive list about what we predict will (or should!) happen with Learning Technologies in the workplace during 2010!

Laura Overton wins Colin Corder Award at IT Training Awards

Laura Overton wins coveted Colin Corder Award @ IT Training Awards for services to IT Training

Infinity Learning small

Self managed learning - Engage or Die?

Self Managed Learning - Engage or Die? An insight from Infinity Learning.

Towards Maturity announces new partnership with Elearnity

Towards Maturity announces new partnership with Elearnity at #LT10UK to support large organisations in the private and public sector.

New Towards Maturity Workshops for 2010

Clive Shepherd collaborates with Towards Maturity to develop new workshops to engage staff and release potential. Announced at #LT10UK

Making the most of Learning Technologies 2010 with Towards Maturity

Need to make technology work harder and deliver more this year? Visit us at LT2010 for great new resources, free seminars and coffee!


Discovering the IKEA Concept

Discovering the IKEA Concept - a blended learning programme resulting in cost savings of 1.5 Million Euros

The Lifelong Learning UK Third Annual Conference

L&D skills needed in the forthcoming financial recovery.

Breaking down walls at Online Educa Berlin!

Innovative skills solutions from leading european employers - BP UK, La Caixa, Delloitte, O2, Real and Sky UK

Skills of Project Management

Ten top tips for Project Managers - plus four articles

An Introduction to Personal Learning Environments

Karen Velasco outlines how PLEs can meet the informal & social learning needs of 21st Century learners

eleaning awards 09

Congratulations to the e-learning award winners

at last the wait is over - the cream of the crop of e-learning implementations unveiled for 2009

Top Learning Technology events this winter

A summary of some of the opportunities to network and build your skills this winter

evidence for change

Evidence for change - October Update

Supporting your business case - Hard facts from 8 organisations that evidence the impact of learning technologies

10 years on...the e-learning debate continues

In the aftermath of the Oxford Union's e-learning debate - some reflections on the need for change!

eln logo

New Models for Learning Management

Fiona Leteney provides a birds eye view from the latest e-learning Network event.

GlobalEnglish small

English as a Second Language (ESL) from GlobalEnglish adding business benefits to Global Organisations

GlobalExchanges EMEA 2009 Conference confirms English as a Second Language (ESL) adding business benefits to Global Organisations


Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (2)

Pratical hints and tips for on-line classroom tutors from a leading UK expert.


Thriving in adversity – doing more with less

Future directions and practical help from Training 2009 - the Institute of IT Training national trainer event.

Training Journal

L&D 2020: the future of workplace learning

Debbie Carter from TJ outlines the results of their ongoing research into the future of workplace learning


Thought Leadership series with Brightwave - Transforming CPD

Thought Leadership series with Brightwave - Transforming CPD!


MODNet Launch – a cutting edge Work Based Learning network

Find out how MODNet can help organisations make the most of their employees experience and skills through Work Based Learning.

Track Surveys

Using Technology to make a difference with 360 Degree Feedback

Using Technology to make a difference with 360 Degree Feedback: A White Paper & Case Study from Track Surveys

what every L&D prof needs to know

What every L&D professional needs to know about e-learning

New free booklet to help close the e-learning skills gap from Clive Shepherd and Laura Overton


Thought Leadership series with Kineo - 'Credit Crunch Survival Guide'

Thought Leadership series with Kineo - 'Credit Crunch Survival Guide'

F1 cars

More than Instructional Design - course review

Read our independent review of Trainer1's course - for finding out the basics in creating and evaluating self paced content

Unionlearn-a hidden asset to support workplace e-learning adoption?

How unions might help employers leverage their investment in learning technologies and engage their more vulnerable workers

Virtual Worlds - a serious learning contender?

Virtual Worlds are here to stay, saving enterprises millions of pounds; what use will trainers make of them?


Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (1)

The secret of quality virtual classroom delivery: preparation, preparation, preparation.

Implementing Social Learning

BBC Radio 4's In Business series looks at practical considerations for implementing social learning - well worth a listen!

Kaplan IT Learning

5 Tips for Beating the Credit Crunch with e-learning

5 Tips for Beating the Credit Crunch with E-Learning - a white paper from Kaplan IT Learning


John Hayes MP interview with the BILD

Learn how the approach to education and skills in times of recession would differ under a Conservative government.

Infinity Learning small

Learning technologies role in supporting future career paths.

Learning technologies role in supporting future career paths

eln logo

Conference round up - ELN Members Showcase Summary

A summary from the latest e-Learning Network (ELN) Members Showcase.

Institute of IT Training - new award announced

New award for Learning Technology Solution of the year has been included in the IITT awards for 2010.

Conference Round Up - Informatology Annual event

Fiona Leteney shares her observations from the Social Networking day of Informatology's Learning conference 09.

New Department for Business Innovation and Skills

Pat McFadden MP new Minister for Business Innovation and Skills speaks about the new department at the 3rd anual Unionlearn conference

Next Generation Learning - updated implementation plan for FE & Skills

Just released – FE & Skills implementation plan to support a radical shift in how colleges and providers think about technology


Making Web Conferences Exciting

How to convert classroom skills to live online learning skills - and be brilliant at it! Expert advice from Phil Green


Conference round up - Releasing Potential: learning through people and technology’

A roundup from the British Institute for Learning and Development's 2009 conference - thinking about the future and how to get there!

Introducing web conferencing

A new Towards Maturity paper introducing web conferencing - one of the fastest growing learning technologies around today.

The Digital Learning Company

The Changing World of Work - Implications for Learning & Development

This White Paper from The Digital Learning Company considers the challenges facing L&D Professionals in a changing economic climate.

Special Offer for Informatology event

Great offers to our readers for this June event with speakers from Google, Linked in, The BBC, Rolls Royce and many more.

eln logo

Conference round up - Creating Engaging and Effective content

In case you missed it, Barry Sampson provides a round up of the eLearning Network event on 8th May.


Conference round up BILD Event - Virtual Environments

‘Virtual Environments’ - Insights from the latest BILD Connect Event

A judge's perspective on how to win awards

10 practical hints and tips for creating award wining submissions (based on 10 years of judging experience!)

Award season comes around again

If you are looking to raise the profile of your work or simply to inspire others, then check out the L&D award opportunities here.

Conference round up - Apply Serious Games

Serious Games save the Planet!

e2train small

Making e-learning Work

Top 10 tips for making elearning work: Free white paper from e2train.

A Vision for FE in 2020 - can we afford to wait?

Here is TM's response to DIUS's vision for FE in 2020 - we need better partnerships & increased relevance - join in the debate today

Thirdforce small

Thought Leadership series with ThirdForce - research into Skills for Life

'Thought Leadership' series with key industry insights and updates from ThirdForce, beginning with research on Skills for Life.

Training Quality Standard

TQS gives training providers an attitude and culture focused on business benefit for customers.

Towards Maturity - 1 year old

As we reach our 1st birthday we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who have shared their e-learning experiences via this site!

Unmissable e-learning events this summer

Innovation, efficiency, effectiveness - learn from others at events with Learning Pool, eLN, BILD, Informatology and the L&S group.

DIUS logo

All Together Now - help shape FE & Skills to meet business need

Siôn Simon MP, Minister for Further Education invites us to challenge his thinking and influence future of learning – can we refuse?

The Learning value of questions

Think Questions; how does e-learning achieve 80% input from learners? An article from Saffron Interactive.

DBB cover

Driving Business Benefits - Sector Benchmark launched

Sector insights from the latest Towards Maturity research.

Introducing Virtual Worlds

What are Virtual Worlds and why should businesses invest in them for learning purposes?

Brush up your Blended learning skills

CIPD extends invitation to an online open evening on Apr 8th to find out about building skills in Blended Learning.

Building skills in e-learning

Links to resources, courses and communities to keep your skills up to date - RESOURCES UNDER REVIEW

Excellence in Compliance

Lessons in compliance, read about seven key benefits achieved by organisations using e-learning to deliver better compliance training.

Generator - for FE & Skills providers

Technology leadership improvement tool launched on the 5th of March for FE and funded work place learning providers.

LearningPool small

Improving the Take up of e-Learning in Local Authorities

Improving the take up of e-Learning in Local Authorities by engaging time starved staff and line managers.

DBB cover

Driving Business Benefit - Towards Maturity 2009 Review launched today

Driving Business Benefits – the UK’s comprehensive review of Learning Technologies at work is launched today

Free implementation advice in the Learning Technologies Green Room

Great e-learning implementation advice from top experts courtesy of Kineo and learndirect Business

Join us for launch of Towards Maturity Benchmark Review at Learning Technologies 09

Join us at Learning Technologies 28/29 Jan - free research findings, free insights and free coffee!

ChangeFirst small

Building Change Management Capability using Blended Learning

Examples from Changefirst on how to build change management capability using learning technologies in a blended approach.

Rob Hubbard's free tool tips

Rob Hubbard's choice of free tools to share & collaborate

Delivering results in global organisations from Online educa

Implementing learning technologies successfully in diverse organisations - lessons from TM plenary at Online Educa Berlin

Serious Virtual Worlds Conference Review & additional insight

If you didn't get to Serious Virtual Worlds event 08 , see our free conference report here plus further insight on the overall topic.

Learning technologies

Next Generation Learning @ Work at Learning Technologies 09

The 10th Learning Technologies conference focusses on Next Generation Learning @ Work. Meet us there!

Just one more week to benchmark your e-learning

Still time to take part in the Towards Maturity Review (closing 28/11) & see how to work your investment harder with personal feedback.


Next Generation Learning @ Work launched at e-learning awards

Next Generation Learning @ Work was launched last night - find out how you can make a difference and inspire others

elearning awards 08

Announcing the e-learning award winners 08

Congratulations to the 2008 e-learning award winners announced last night

Recession beating tips

7 ways e-learning beats the recession? CIPD reports 25% of employers have plans for job losses. Ghostly news for Halloween.

Hints and tips for demonstrating value

In tough climates, we discuss how you can be confident in demonstrating the value of your learning interventions

Towards Maturity Benchmark review - what are people saying?

What are people saying about the Towards Maturity Benchmark?

Events in September and October

2 events not to be missed - ELN workshop on Live e-Learning and and a Raid on the Royal Carribean Cruise lines

7 Lessons on FE leadership

Lessons of learning leadership reported from the eQuiP initiative from the FE sector - but just as relevant in the world of work!

Learning technologies in the IT sector

The IT sector were early adoptors of e-learning- are they still ahead of the game? and what we learn from their experience?

Part 3 - Aligning Learning to business, Balls in the Air!

In this third article Gordon Bull identifies essential elements to be managed for the successful delivery of your learning strategy.


How learning technologies can support change management - examples from CrossKnowledge

How Learning Technologies can support Change Management - An extract from 4 CrossKnowledge example case studies.


BILD Conference - Engagement in Learning

Engagement in Learning - Insights & Lessons from the BILD Annual Conference

Good Practice from Red Tray - Evaluating e-learning

Red Tray provides support on ‘Good Practice’ - Part 1 Evaluating e-Learning

Good Practice from Red Tray - Project Managing Bespoke projects

Red Tray provides support on Good Practice - Part 2:Project Managing the Bespoke e-Learning development process

e-learning awards entry deadline extended to 31st July

A great chance to get your learning technology successes recognised

Part 2 Aligning learning to business needs - Before, During and After Model

In this second article in a series,we explore a Model which can help set learning within a strategic business framework.

Meeting the needs of 21st Century Employers

Charles Jennings at Reuters outlines why we need to 'Know less and Learn more' in this thought piece commissioned by Becta.


Distance learning for Strategic HR

Originally from Steve Fiehl at CrossKnowledge providing key insight on best practices of innovative companies in adopting e-learning

Can EPSS really help in engaging learners?

EPSS has been around for almost 20 years but perhaps we’ve not fully recognised how much they can really help in engaging learners in the ...

Part 1 - Setting a Strategy for Learning and Development

How to fit tactical plans within a strategic framework &overall business goals in order to deliver successful programmes.

More practical tips for engaging learners and managers

90 participants in a Learning and Skills group workshop provide practical ideas for those wanting to improve business engagement.

Towards Maturity sponsors 2008 e-Learning Awards

Making your e-learning garden grow

Lessons from award winners to encourage widespread adoption - contributed by Information Transfer

Building effective learning communities

Practical lessons for anyone looking to engage busy learners at work . Observations from the  e-Learning Network Event .

Beginners Guide to e-Learning Standards

An introduction to e-learning standards - what are they and what questions should be ask before investing in learning technologies?

Towards Maturity Comes of Age

Announcement of new Towards Maturity Community Interest company

Share your story

Do you have a story to share where learning technologies have helped you improved the performance of your business?

Becta's new strategy for further education and skills

e-skills UK invites input to new strategic plan

An opportunity to get involved with e-skills UK

Social Bookmarking - organising your web resources

An introduction to social bookmarking

Collaborative learning at work

Who is using collaborative learning technologies, to what extent and how?

Quick Introduction to Towards Maturity

Training Journal recently published an overview the Towards Maturity project in E-learning. We reproduce this here with a summary of the article as a quick ...

Simulation and classroom teaching

Business simulation to train budding entreprenurs; learners live out running a business supported by tutors

Simply the best - tips from e-Learning award winners

10 tips for communicating with learners

Opportunites and barriers - latest thinking from Learning Technologies

The Towards Maturity Project Team asked exhibition attendees what are the opportunities and barriers to e-learning and what help do they really want this year.

IITT award winners

4th annual elearning awards announced at Learning Technologies

Launch of Next Generation Learning Campaign

Informal Learning Consultation announced

Meet us at Learning Technologies

Meet us at Learning Technologies Olympia

Exclusive chance to meet award winners at Learning Technologies

Free exclusive workshop at Learning Technologies

e-learning - a note from Skills for Health

Skillls for Health outline

What to look out for in 2008

workplace e-learning predictions from experts at Online Educa Berlin

Supporting small business skills needs

Lessons from large organisations – part 1

making e-learning work

Martin Belton examines why e-learning continues to under perform and outlines the top ten tips that will make sure everyone completes your e-learning courses.

e-learning excellence celebrated

e-learning award winners for 2007

Hints and tips on Rapid e-learning

Free advice from Kineo and Ufi

Do we need competency standards for Web 2.0?

Do we need competency standards for Web 2.0?

Open Source Learning Management systems

A new white paper from Epic

Understanding learners at work

Do we really understand learners in the workplace and how to reach them or do we just think we do?

Lessons from Education

What can industry learn from the education sector? - Lessons from Towards Maturity

Free Guide - Mobile Learning

The latest guide from Kineo and UfI 

Introduction to Web 2.0 and Social Networking

New technologies that are changing the face of learning

10 top e-learning Tips for Educators

What does the QIA excellence gateway offer the FE system?

Positive Podcasting

What is the QIA Excellence Gateway?

What can education learn from industry

Welcome to Towards Maturity

Defining e-learning

Gateway to excellence opens for further education staff in UK

Free guide to learner support

Free guide to podcasting

Choosing the right learning tools for you

Finding e-learning suppliers

Informal learning Guru, Jay Cross, on You Tube

Controlled vocabularies - getting discovered on the web

Successful Learning Strategies

change management

ICCA online - getting started with e-learning

rapid e-learning

50 ideas for free e-learning

Measuring Business Impact

Moodle overview

e-learning and SME challenges

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