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9 Fresh Insights for Modernising Leadership Training

Check out these early insights from our current study and find out how your programmes compare.

New Study Launch on Leadership Development

We invite L&D leaders to contribute to the latest industry research into innovative and successful leadership development programmes.

2014 Benchmark thumbnail

Modernising Learning: Delivering Results (2014)

The launch of the 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study, Modernising Learning: Delivering Results.

2014 Benchmark thumbnail

Fast Facts: Modernising Learning: Delivering Results

The 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark study in numbers! Just click and share!

Modernising Learning: Delivering Results - The Business Leader's Perspective

Dr Chai Patel Chairman of HC-One challenges business and learning leaders to take action in his foreword to the 2014-15 Benchmark Study

In-Focus Talent Optimisation

In-Focus: Talent Optimisation (2014)

This In-Focus report shares nine tips for optimising talent in your organisation

Report - Australasia 2014

Towards Maturity Global Benchmark Briefing: Australasia

How does technology-enabled learning in Australasia differ from the UK, and what lessons can we learn from each other?

Building staff engagement 2014

In-Focus: Building Staff Engagement (2014)

New Towards Maturity Research highlights seven steps for improving staff engagement through technology enabled learning

mobile report June 2014

In-Focus: Mobile Learning at Work (2014)

Powerful research on nearly 500 hundred organisations shows how mobile technology can be successfully incorporated into the workplace.

Modernising Learning: Cut through the noise with the 2014 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study

Insights from 600 L&D Leaders around the globe to help you accelerate progress and deliver results

MOOCs report thumbnail

In-Focus: Lessons from MOOCs for Corporate Learning (2014)

Six lessons from MOOCs to improve corporate learning design

Aligning Learning To business 2014

In-Focus: Aligning Learning to Business (2014)

Download this updated In-Focus report for 7 tips to help L&D effectively integrate learning and business priorities.

Charities spotlight

Spotlight: Learning Innovation in the Charity Sector (2014)

Powerful evidence for L&D profesionals in the Charity sector:What is working? What isn't? How to improve results?

Learnervoice microphone

Towards Maturity Learner Voice Part 1

New research from Towards Maturity - how 2,000 learners in the private sector are learning what they need to do their jobs!

Automotive 2014

Spotlight: Driving Innovation in Automotive Dealership Training (2014)

A new Towards Maturity Report on learning innovation in the Automotive sector sponsored by Raytheon Professional Services

infocus mobile Jan 20114

In-Focus: Learning in the Mobile Enterprise (2014)

Newly published research looks at how to support new flexible ways of working with new ways of learning.

infographic thumbnail

Infographic: Implementing the New Learning Agenda

Download and share this framework for learning and business success in 2014.

TM Benchmark 2013 - Legal Spotlight Report thumbnail

Spotlight: 21st Century Learning for 21st Century Legal Firms

New research shows the legal sector how technology-enabled learning can prepare it for the 21st Century business environment.

New Learning Agenda thumbanil

New Learning Agenda Launched By Towards Maturity

Press release - Laura Overton celebrates 10 years of longitudinal data with 9 themes from the 2013 Benchmark Report 2013

Embedding learning

In-Focus: 5 Practical Ideas for Embedding Learning into the Workflow (2013)

This new report looks at the huge importance of integrating learning into the workplace & the important role technology has to play

Compliance training

In-Focus: Reinvigorating Compliance Training (2013)

New compliance training study released today

Prof Services

Spotlight: Professional Services (2013)

New Professional Services L&D Benchmark report now available in the Towards Maturity Shop

Aligning learning to business thumbnail

In-Focus: Aligning Learning to Business (2013)

A New Towards Maturity In-Focus Report coming soon to introduce the Towards Maturity Alignment Index

In focus experiential learning

In-Focus: Online Experiential Learning: Helping Individuals Practise and Perform (2013)

New Towards Maturity In-Focus Paper sheds light on how to use online experiential learning to build skills at work

Finance Spotlight

Spotlight: Finance Sector (2013)

New Spotlight on Finance Report now available - How do you compare with your peers?


Towards Maturity Automotive Benchmark 2013

New benchmark study to support effective learning innovation in the automotive sector. NOW AVAILABLE

New Learning Agenda thumbanil

New Learning Agenda - Talent:Technology:Change

The 2013 Towards Maturity Benchmark brings speed to change for L&D professionals - download it today

Reinvigorate your compliance training!

First study of it's kind to investigate how to improve compliance training!

Learning and talent dev report

Towards Maturity Reflections on the 2013 CIPD Learning and Talent Development Survey

Why the industry has to move beyond course completions as our indicator of learning technology success!

in-focus mobile 2013

In-Focus: Mobile Learning at Work (2013)

New report uses independent research findings to highlight practical ways to implement m-learning successfully

Bridging the Gap - New Infographic for 2012 Towards Maturity Benchmark

New infographic illustrates e-learning benchmark findings to help you set targets and strategy for 2013


Towards Maturity’s 2012 Benchmark Study highlights the major business benefits achieved through learning technologies

Leading in-depth industry benchmark report now available to download for free


Business Leader Perspective - Towards Maturity 2012 Benchmark

Richard Beaven, Customer Services Director, at Lloyds Banking Group, provides business perspective on latest benchmark.

Infocus Leadership 2012

New In-Focus Report Learning Innovation for Leadership Development

New In-Focus report, supported by our Founding Ambassador EPIC as part of their Forward Thinking programme.

Girl on bike 1

Immersive learning environments - what's working and what's not?

Improving confidence and increasing engagement - early findings and news from latest study.

10 Questions about the Towards Maturity Benchmark

If you haven't taken part in a TM benchmark before, here are 10 FAQs you might want to read.


The 2012-13 Towards Maturity Benchmark

Bookmark this page for the latest news about the 2012-13 Towards Maturity Benchmark

New study - Helping individuals practice and perform

How can technology help build practical skills that translate to real world goals & needs? Let us know your ideas in a new quick study

Innovative learning for great customer service strategies

A new study to help compare and improve how you use learning technologies to drive better relationships with customers

Discover innovative learning approaches to boost your customer strategy

Compare and improve how you use learning technologies to drive better relationships with customers

Spotlight report cover

Sector benchmarks help you build performance

25% discount for all Towards Maturity Research Community and ELN members for new Spotlight sector benchmarks.

New Infographic highlights European Learning Technology landscape

Share this infographic of key findings from the 2011-12 Towards Maturity Benchmark to help you grab stakeholder attention!

Boosting Business Agility

Boosting Business Agility - Table of Contents

What will you find in the 2011-12 Towards Maturity Benchmark released today?

Harnessing live online learning

Speedy benchmark study in partnership with REDTRAY digs deeper into how live online learning is being used.

Driving results with learning technologies in the Automotive Sector

A new report commissioned by Toyota Europe Europe investigates how the automotive sector is adopting learning technologies

Mobile learning for the NHS- lessons for all

Study by Epic shares learner insights to inform mobile learning strategy

Boosting Business Agility

Towards Maturity 2011 Benchmark Study

Download Boosting Business Agility - the 2011-12 Towards Maturity Benchmark


Reinventing Leadership Development - A new TM Benchmark

A new Towards Maturity Benchmark investigating how technology is enabling leadership development

Social Media contribution to informal learning

The role of social media in learning - 2 research perspectives from CARA Group (USA) and Towards Maturity (UK)


What are your expectations for the next 10 years?

Tell us your expectations of e-learning in the next 10 years & have a chance to win a free place at Learning Technologies 2011.

Accelerating Performance

Launch of 2010-11 Towards Maturity Benchmark survey

News - L&D must seize the day or risk losing credibility says new Towards Maturity Benchmark Survey

Preliminary findings from TM 2010 Benchmark now released

Initial findings from UK's most comprehensive learning technology benchmark now available.

Understanding Learners at Work

What do we really know about learners in our organisation? Insights from research with 3000 learners!

Sharing best implementation practice - what do you want to know?

We'll be preparing our 2010 benchmark report over the summer- please tell us what you want to see in it!


New Research from Cegos - staff driving skills development

Staff driving skills development across Europe ( but are L&D holding them back?!)

Outstanding industry support for Towards Maturity 2010 benchmark

NEWS: This 4th longitudinal study represents a unique industry collaboration to improve the impact of learning technologies at work

Accelerating Performance

Towards Maturity 2010 Learning Technology Benchmark

Accelerating Performance - the 2010-11 Towards Maturity Benchmark Survey was launched on 25th November 2010. Download for free today.

Is the CIPD 2010 Learning & Talent survey missing a trick?

Some great new research from CIPD but is it missing out on important trends for L&D?

33 reasons front cover

33 reasons why e-learning projects fail

Many large and small scale e-learning projects fail. What are the reasons?

impact indicator

Towards Maturity Impact Indicator looks at e-learning effectiveness in the workplace

NEW: e-learning improves efficiency & agility but L&D departments are missing a trick by not demonstrating the value of their offering


Delivering results with learning technology in the workplace -new research from Becta

New research from Becta consolidates evidence for employer efficiencies and tangible business benefits.

How does UK learning technology use really compare with the US?

We take a look at latest research from the ASTD to see how UK application of learning technology compares with the US.

Impact - Journal of Applied Research in Workplace E-learning

Towards Maturity benchmark research has been published in inaugural copy of new journal from ELNET Australia.

GlobalEnglish small

‘Determining the ROI of an Online English as a Second Language Program’

‘Determining the ROI of an Online English as a Second Language Program’ research paper

Charity benchmark cover

Towards Maturity Benchmark for Third Sector

Towards Maturity has teamed with the Charity Learning Consortium to provide e-learning benchmark for the Charity and Voluntary Sectors.

impact indicator

New Towards Maturity Impact Indicator

New research investigating the bottom line business benefits from investing in learning technologies

evidence for change

Evidence for Change

Towards Maturity's research programme to consolidate evidence about the impact of learning technologies on business outcomes

EU Skills reports ROI from soft skills development

EU Skills Research Proves Link Between Productivity and Soft skills

How would you rate your web conferencing skills?

The use of Web conferencing tools is increasing but how confident are you to take advantage of them?


e-learning Survey Results from LMMatters & Training Zone

Latest e-learning survey findings from LMMatters & Training Zone confirm trends in current economic climate.


Comparing attitudes of staff and training professionals

This great research from Cegos highlights the gap between what employees across Europe want from learning and what HR are delivering

Embedding elearning in large companies - Ufi Oct 2004

Delivering more with less - Masie Centre Barometer findings

We compare L&D spend between Q4 08 and Q1 09 using latest findings from the Masie Centre


Serious virtual worlds and immersive learning

Two recent research reports from JISCinfoNet into Serious Virtual Worlds and Immersive Learning provide invaluable background.

DBB cover

Driving Business Benefits - 2009 Towards Maturity Benchmark Review

Driving Business Benefits – 2009 e-learning Benchmark review. Research to help you deliver more from your investments.

Driving Business Benefits - 2009 Towards Maturity Benchmark Review

Driving Business Benefits - The latest Towards Maturity Benchmark review will be released on the 28th of January.

Games in the Military

Looking to make robust decisions on games for learning? Check out research from defence sector which has lessons for all

skillsoft benchmark

Essential Learning - the employee perspective

New research from Skillsoft provides valuable insights into employee motivation across the globe.

CMI Blended learning report

Effective Blends for Busy Managers

The latest research from Chartered Management Institute shows how blended learning is taking off for busy line managers and leaders.


e-learning benefits lessons from Higher education

Evidence from Higher education on exploring the tangible benefits of e-learning provides interesting insights for business


To Buy or Build Survey

Research Evidence from Red Tray supports 'Towards Maturity' findings.


Hidden Skills - employee's perspective on untapped potential

Insights into motivation and engagemnt from Learndirect Business survey with 1950 learners


Linking Learning to Business - original research 2004

Original research looking at the characteristics of successful e-learning implementations and what learners in the work place thought.

e-learning standards - let us know what you think

e-learning standards are useful tools but how do we really use them - your opportunity to contribute to the debate

CIPD annual research

CIPD launch 10th annual survey this month

Megatrends in e-learning provision

NEW IT &Telecoms Insights report 'Technology Counts'

Making the most of technology could boost UK economy by £35 billion - new research highlights critical importance of IT & Telecoms to UK and ...

Online Learning and leadership development - CMI research October 2007

Meeting needs of small businesses

Latest research from e-learn2work looks at how small businesses are using technology and their attitudes to developing skills with technology

Learners of the Future

Additional evidence for learner preferences in the workplace

Towards Maturity - technology boosts workplace skills

e-learning at work - systematic literature review

Beyond e-learning Practical Insights from the USA

literature review e-assessment

Contect to FutureLab's review of e-assessment plus other useful resources and links


Head to our Online Benchmark Centre 


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Towards Maturity Interview with Michael Watkins Toolwire part 2

Date: September 08, 2011  Keywords: award winning, e-assessment, learner engagement

Winner of the IITT's instructional designer of the year outlines a new approach to online assessment.

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