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Supporting a shift in learning culture at Citi


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DateMarch 09, 2016 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: 70:20:10, blended learning, Top Deck

Update December 2016 - Our congratulations go to Brian Murphy and his team as this programme won the gold award for best use of social and collaborative learning technologies at the 2016 Learning Technologies Awards.

Citi is over 200 years old, an established global financial landmark with a great history but the rules of the game are changing! In exploring how the organisation needed to change, innovate and grow, it was clear that the bank faced the need to change its mindset, ethical decision-making and culture. It needed to create a culture of continuous workplace learning. 

Brian Murphy, Head of L&D EMEA shared some of his lessons learned at the Learning Technology eXchange this year, 

Brian comments, "It was clear that the business leaders felt the responsibility and pressure to create opportunities for development. But they needed to get the dynamics right - not just to create a top-down push but a pull to bring about an employee-owned and manager-supported learning culture. Our people needed to be empowered to own the changes and the culture for themselves. Lastly, L&D's role was to create the conditions for behaviour change, not to ‘drive it'."

Citi took a campaign approach, a core component of which was a 30-day challenge for staff to #BeMore. Traditionally, when supporting the implementation of a new initiative the team would have pushed content to staff but this campaign encouraged everyday learning through a series of micro actions embedded into their work.

About the #BeMore 30-Day Challenge

  • 30 days, 30 micro actions
  • Each day provided a new challenge and an invitation to reflect and share
    • Days 1 - 10: Honest conversations
    • Days 11 - 20: Learning through 70:20:10 (Experience-Exposure-Education)
    • Days 21 - 30: High quality development planning
  • Participation from senior management team and inspirational leaders
  • Sharing of personal stories and learning via Citi's live-collaboration tool
  • L&D supported through social community management
  • Resulted in five times levels of engagement compared to other global initiatives
  • Lasting impact on how staff felt about their opportunities to grow and develop

Final word from Brian Murphy

"L&D are not the fount of all knowledge and our traditional approaches no longer work. It was critical to shift to new learning principles, principles, and pivot our role as Learning professionals. In our team our priority was to shift to role of performance consultants. Our role in helping our people understand how to balance their own learning across the 3 E's - Experience, Exposure and Education - has been fundamental in supporting business change and agility in our organisation."

Read more about the #BeMore Challenge on Citi's blog 


Learn more about the principles behind the challenge 

This feature is part of Towards Maturity's In-Focus report, 70+20+10=100: The Evidence Behind the Numbers - download the full report for other case studies, myth busting facts and helpful tips on corporate learning in social, experiential and formal contexts! Check out the In-Focus report

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