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Embracing Change: Improving Performance for Business, Individuals and the L&D Team


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DateNovember 05, 2015 Keywords: #BeTheBest15, Towards Maturity Benchmark

The 2015-16 Towards Maturity Industry Benchmark Report looks at how learning and business leaders can embrace change in order to improve performance on all accounts. With 12 years of research providing previously unchartered insights into the L&D industry, this report provides tangible evidence for business and learning leaders alike in order to move forward.


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About the 2015-16 Industry Benchmark Report

The 2015-16 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report explores the factors that set top performing learning companies apart, in order to provide not only a vision for the future of workplace learning, but also provide everyone in L&D with a route map to take the next step towards embracing change and implementing a more effective modernised learning strategy.

Over 600 learning professionals took part in a detailed review of their learning strategy during 2015. Their input into this research provides benchmark values for key performance indicators and also allows us to articulate the characteristics of effective practice demonstrated by those that are achieving the greatest business impact.

Benchmark respondents were drawn from 55 countries, with just 60% from the UK. 69% are from the private sector and 42% are multinational organisations. The Top Deck (those that score in the top 10% for the Towards Maturity Index of Effective Practice) span all sectors, geographic locations and organisation sizes. 

Data is also drawn from a sample of over 1,600 learners that took part in a Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Audit during 2015, in order to give their perspective of what does and does not work.

The full report gives a number of calls to action for both business leaders and L&D professionals that can be quickly implemented to improve performance and deliver tangible results. Alternatively, you can download the executive summary for a lighter read with an overview of the headlining insights.

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The L&D Leader's Perspective

"Technology has evolved, our internal customers have evolved, but can we honestly say that as a profession, we have done as much as we could have in order to evolve ourselves and reinvent our purpose?"

Dave Buglass, Head of Organisational Capability and Development at Tesco Bank, shares his view on learning and development, where it's going and what we should be doing to ensure our organisations see the L&D function as a viable, contributing part of the business. Read the foreword online or download the full report below.

Fast Facts from this report

If you're short on time, you can read the Fast Facts online, where we round up the big findings from this year's Benchmark Study. You can also find these on page 

Download the Infographic

Thanks to the support of Acteon we've created a one-page infographic containing some of the key highlights from this year's Industry Benchmark Report. Download it by clicking on the picture or get a PDF version at the bottom of this page. 

Longitudinal Trends

If data tables help you understand the insights, you can download all the longitudinal trends that we reference throughout the full report in this separate document.


The Towards Maturity Benchmark has been made available for free thanks to the support of our strategic partner CIPD and our Ambassadors, who share our passion for ensuring that great independent research is freely available to all.

View the launch webinar

Below are the slides presented for the launch of the Industry Benchmark Report - you can view the recording of the webinar with Laura Overton here.


Review, Compare, Act: Get started with your own Benchmark

Our confidential Benchmark is free to utilise and takes 60 minutes to complete (just 20 minutes to update if you have completed it previously).


About the Towards Maturity Benchmark

Organisations now operate in a fast-paced, technology-enabled global economy. L&D leaders are under pressure to respond with a modernised learning & development strategy. With so many tools, models and systems available, there's never been a more important time to base L&D decisions on powerful, independent evidence.

The Towards Maturity Benchmark, now in its 12th year, draws on the experiences of over 4,000 L&D professionals and 18,000 learners.  L&D professionals from the private, public and non-profit sectors are invited to use the evidence gathered to help them reflect on their current learning strategy and provide feedback on how they compare with peers in the top performing learning organisations. 

The Towards Maturity Benchmark is the only one of its kind. It not only provides an opportunity to reflect on issues that are relevant to delivering and designing a modernised learning strategy; it also provides you with personalisd feedback to help you turn insights into action.

The Benchmark will help you reflect on the effective practices of top performing organisations, including:

  • Aligning learning to business need and delivering business outcomes
  • Understanding the modern day learner as customer
  • Supporting workplace performance and collaboration
  • Demonstrating value
  • Harnessing technology to deliver results 

More about the Towards Maturity Benchmark


Registered users can download the full report and supplimentary materials for free by clicking on the links under related downloads below. If you are not a registered user, please register here

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