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In-Focus Update: Building Staff Engagement (2015)


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DateJuly 26, 2015 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: #BeTheBest15, In-Focus, learner engagement, Motivation, Towards Maturity Benchmark

Download the updated 2015 Towards Maturity In-Focus report at the bottom of this page to learn seven strategies that help L&D leaders build staff engagement.

Engaged workforces are more productive and our previous In-Focus reports on Building Staff Engagement highlight how top performing learning teams are engaging staff more effectively through a modernised learning approach.
Yet early findings in this year's study shows that 3 in 5 L&D leaders claim that lack of management engagement is one of their greatest barriers to success.

In the 2015 update to Building Staff Engagement, we revisit the 7 practical tips for improving staff engagement, reviewing the industry progress made over the last 3 years in each area:

  • Understanding Learners
  • Making learning accessible and relevant
  • Equipping stakeholders with the right resources
  • Supporting learning in the workplace
  • Minimising barriers
  • Developing a communication strategy to win hearts and minds
  • Celebrating success. 

Tracking Progress with the Towards Maturity Engagement Index

In 2012, Towards Maturity introduced a new Engagement Index to help organisations track their progress against the 7 strategies above. In previous reports we have compared organisations in the bottom quartile of the index to the ‘highly engaged’ organisations (those who are in the top quartile for the Engagement Index).

In 2015, we discovered the top quartile are still more than 5 times as likely to:

  • Reduce time to proven competence
  • Respond faster to changing business conditions
  • Engage new types of learners
  • Increase on-the-job productivity

However the report shows that whilst these 7 action areas on the surface are common sense, they are not always common practice. For example we see that: 

  • 38% of L&D leaders have a communications plan in place (compared to 44% in 2013)
  • 18% equip line managers to help their teams get the most from learning experiences (compared to 21% in 2012 )
  • 44% agree that staff can chose to learn in places convenient to them (compared to 48% in 2012)
Across the board, the highly engaged learning organisations continue to be 2-3 times more proactive in all seven strategies.

Alignment and Engagement: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Whilst the Engagement Index draws out characteristics of the highly engaged organisation, close alignment of learning to business and strategic objectives is increasingly recognised by learning and development professionals as underpinning success. The challenge for L&D in 2015 is balancing business priorities and individual needs.

Engagement is bound to alignment. The learner who does not feel connected to the organisation’s strategy will not be able to sustain job satisfaction and commitment.

Download our complimentary paper on Aligning Learning To Business HERE.

Track Your Progress Year-on-Year

The Towards Maturity Benchmark provides an opportunity to reflect on the effective practices of top performing learning teams that are both highly aligned and enjoy maximum engagement.

This year it is time to take action! 

Complete your benchmark to:

  • Confidentially review your strategy against a framework of effective practices 
  • Receive personal feedback on 24 performance improvement indices - including your alignment and engagement index.
  • Set a baseline to track improvement 
  • Identify the next steps that your organisation needs to take


It is free to participate in the Towards Maturity Benchmark thanks to the support of our Ambassadors


This In-Focus report is free to download thanks to our Ambassador, Acteon Communication.

Please note that you need to be logged in /registered to download your copy. By downloading this report you agree for your email address to also be shared with Acteon. (Please contact us directly for a copy if you do not wish for your address to be shared).

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