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Fast Facts: Modernising Learning: Delivering Results


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DateNovember 03, 2014 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: #GetTheEdge14, Top Quartile Learning Organisations

Fast facts from the 2014-15 Benchmark Study are here.

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You can download the full findings from the 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark in an e-book: Modernising Learning: Delivering Results at www.towardsmaturity.org/2014benchmark

Study participants:

  • 600[1] L&D professionals provided detailed input to the study – up 42% since 2013
  • 29 industries (64% private sector; 21% public sector; 15% not-for-profits)
  • 42% multinationals
  • 45 countries represented
  • 5,000+ learners[2]


Modernising learning strategy – progress update:

Expectations to deliver modernised learning strategy are increasing:

  • 91% of L&D leaders want to respond faster to change
  • 93% want to speed up application of learning at work
  • 93% want to improve talent and performance management
  • 90% want to boost on the job productivity

Learning innovation continues to deliver,[3] resulting in:

  • 14% improvement in productivity
  • 23% improvement in speed of rollout of new products/services
  • 12% reduction in time to proven competency
  • 9% reduction in attrition rates
  • But only 15% measure specific KPIs when evaluating effectiveness

Many more are struggling to deliver:

  • 31% are realising the benefits they seek – down from 51% in 2010
  • 47% agree learning is delivered in time to meet the needs of the business
  • 31% are planning to grow their L&D teams but only 48% actually provide continuing professional development for L&D staff


The role of technology in learning – L&D perspective:

  • 19% of training budget is being allocated to learning technologies but only 29% of formal learning is e-enabled
  • 59% of compliance training is e-enabled and the average completion rate is 70%.
  • 26% investigating MOOCs in corporate learning

Use of technology is up:

  • Half the participants are using more than 16 different technologies to support learning (up from 10 technologies in 2011)
  • 93% are using e-learning courses
  • 86% are using live online learning such as virtual classrooms
  • 80% are using a Learning Management System
  • 74% are using mobile devices (only 1 in 5 are investigating the use of Apps)
    …but only 21% of L&D leaders blend their use of different technologies in learning design.
  • 42% are looking at new models of learning (such as 70:20:10) however only:
    12% have content curation strategies in place to help staff make sense of the resources available to them
    14% encourage learners to share experiences and solve problems using online social media tools
    30% are creating micro-content (less than 10 minutes)

Role of technology in learning – learner perspective:

  • 70% learn what they need to do their job from web searches
  • 48% from internal networks and communities
  • 31% from e-learning courses (compared to 17% from classroom)
  • 82% want to learn at their own pace
  • 42% agree that accessing learning from their mobile is essential or very useful

What is slowing progress? – L&D perspective:

  • 69% report cost of development, set-up and maintenance
  • 68% report lack of employee skills to manage their own learning
  • 62% report lack of skills amongst L&D staff to implement and manage e-learning
  • 28% agree that L&D teams are confident in incorporating new media into design
  • 25% audit in house L&D skills against those required

What prevents staff from learning online? – Learner perspective:

  • 37% lack of time for self-study
  • 30% can’t find what they need
  • 30% find current online learning not relevant to their need

Lessons from learning leaders – those in the top 10% of the Towards Maturity Index™:

  • 63% of Top Deck organisations report they are achieving benefits they seek
  • 73% report positive changes in staff behaviour (compared to 21% average)
  • 100% agree that their learning initiatives support the skills the business needs (60%)
  • 97% know how their staff learn what they need for the job (36%)
  • 97% consider the “course” as just one option for building skills and performance (53%)

The full e-book can be downloaded at www.towardsmaturity.org/2014benchmark for free thanks to the kind support of Towards Maturity's Ambassadors who share our passion that independent research should be freely available to all:


[1] 74% with managerial responsibility
[2] Learners across all ages and roles sampled from the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape
[3] Figures established from a minimum of 300 participants over three years

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