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Struggling to Engage Learners? Help is at Hand!


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DateJuly 03, 2014 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: learner engagement, marketing, Towards Maturity Benchmark

If you are looking quick wins and a long term fix to help you engage learners, read on...

As life gets busier, time gets tighter, and often the most important things - like reflecting and learning - get pushed to one side.

If it is true for us as L&D professionals, it's also true for our learners. So how can we engage staff more successfully?

One approach is to learn from those that are already showing success. In our Benchmark studies, we've consistently found that top performing learning companies report more engagement with managers and other staff.



Learner engagement isn't just about having a great communications plan (although that helps). Top learning companies are thorough in building the foundations that result in engagement throughout their learning strategy.

If you are struggling with learner engagement, we have 3 great resources to help you connect with your learners more successfully - one of them will take about an hour of your time, but will help you establish the foundation for long term success and the other two will provide you with some quick wins on the back of your investment!

When it comes to establishing strong foundations that result in engagement, it's likely that you will be proficient in some of areas but perhaps not all so the first of our 3 resources will help you focus on getting the foundations right:

1. We invite you to invest one hour of your time to benchmark your current learning strategy against your peers and the top learning companies. This is a holistic approach to learner engagement that will result in a long term strategy to help you connect with your learners. You will be provided with specific advice for YOU through a Personalised Benchmark Report, which will be sent to you in early September. It highlights the strengths and opportunities for development that will contribute to your success.*

By the way - over 83% of those completing the review alone this year have got new ideas to drive their strategy forward, so you won't need to wait until September to start taking action!

2. Download our In-Focus: Building Staff Engagement report (sponsored by our Ambassador, Acteon) which outlines 8 strategies for engaging learners, gleaned from the top performers in our benchmark study.

3. Finally, on completion of your benchmark we will also make available to you a bonus report from our Partner, LearnerLab: Show me the value - How to promote mandatory training. Just contact us to let us know when you have finished




So if you are looking for a long-term fix to help you connect with learners and managers, then start your journey to becoming a top learning company and Benchmark today!



 Participation in the Towards Maturity Benchmark and your resulting Personalised Report is completely confidential. We are able to provide you with your Personalised Report completely free of charge thanks to the generous support of our Ambassadors who share our passion that independent research should be freely available to all. 


Also do complete our minipoll.

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