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Grabbing the attention of Time Starved Learners


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DateJune 16, 2014 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: Conference roundup, learner engagement, managing change, marketing, Presentation Slides

How L&D can apply 8 killer tips from Content Marketing to engage busy staff?

44% of L&D professionals say their staff are reluctant to engage with online learning but Towards Maturity’s direct research with learners shows that perhaps they are not as reluctant as we think!

This interactive session, first presented at the Learning Technology Summer Forum 17th June 2014, takes a fresh look at how L&D professionals can think about not only grabbing learner’s attention but turn that attention into action. Here we show how to apply killer tips from the world of marketing to today’s L&D challenges.

Some great ideas were crowdsourced on the day, we're consolidating the responses so let us know if you would like a copy (email elearning@towardsmaturity.org).

In the meantime if you want to share your tips on engaging time starved learners, why not join the conversation in our New Learning Benchmarks Linked In group.

The presentation also introduces the Towards Maturity Engagement Index to help L&D organisations identify how their engagement strategies compare with others.

Readers can identify their Engagement Index, and 21 other effective practice indices by participating in the Towards Maturity Benchmark


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