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No1 for Customer Care by empowering and engaging the team at Boots UK


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DateAugust 05, 2013 Posted by: Marnie Threapleton   Keywords: Alignment, custom content, learner engagement, learners, productivity, strategy

This case study outlines why Boots UK won the elearning Awards 2012 - Internal Project Team of the Year.

This inspirational story shows what can be achieved with limited resources when clear corporate vision and a small team of talented in-house designers respond to a huge increase in demand from their 95,000 learners!

With its 3000 plus stores across the UK and over 100,000 employees, Boots UK continues to honour the creativity and business acumen of John Boot who, in 1894, advertised under the slogan of “Health for a penny” to the working poor of industrial Nottingham. This case study shows how important it is that organisations are able to recognise a need and to produce an effective solution.

In a similar way to John Boots’ meeting the needs of a poor working class with herbal remedies, Boots UK has responded to the needs of its 21 Century workforce by creating an effective e-learning system that encourages learning and, importantly, ensures its market dominance in the UK.

Starting strong

Boots UK launched its e-learning program in February 2007 with a small in-house team consisting of the HR Technology and e-learning Manager, two team members responsible for the LMS and infrastructure and two team members focussed on designing and developing content. Despite their small size the HR Technology & eLearning Team have had a significant impact on the business and its 95,000+ learners. Between the launch of e-learning at Boots UK in February 2007 and June 2012, they have had 7,124,324 module accesses.

With only two developers, Boots UK produce internally around 60 high quality modules every year, only outsourcing production when demand exceeds internal resource. These are new, bespoke modules, featuring new designs, interactions and screens rather than following a wholly templated or off-the-shelf approach, plus updates to existing annual packages.

The e-learning team faced some significant barriers to learning, the most important of which was the fact that unlike many businesses, users do not have their own PCs; they must come off the busy shop floor into a small back office with a shared PC.

Despite these obstacles it is clear that the learners at Boots UK are passionate about e-learning, regularly giving modules 5 star ratings and glowing comments on the LMS, with a high demand for new content. In addition to this, they have won eLearning Awards for content and are HR finalists in the internal Boots UK Team of the Year awards in 2012.

This is how they did it:

Click on the case study below to discover the full story of how they succeeded.

This case study has been independently investigated and developed by Towards Maturity as part of our Good practice Partnership with e.Learning Age and the e.Learning Awards..It was first published in e.Learning age Magazine in 2013


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