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Reinventing Leadership Development - A new TM Benchmark


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DateApril 11, 2011 Posted by: Genny Dixon   Keywords: involving managers, leadership skills, learner engagement, managers support, Talent Management

Maintaining and building leadership skills is critical for high performing organisations across all sectors and all sizes of organisations.

During April and May 2011, individuals responsible for developing innovative, e-enabled approaches to leadership and management development programmes within their organisation were invited to participate in a unique industry benchmark study from Towards Maturity, supported by our Ambassador the Corporate elearning Consortium,  designed to uncover good practices that deliver results.

The results were launched on the 15th of June and can be downloaded below.

A full discussion of the findings will also be published in the July/August edition of eLearrning Age magazine as part of Towards Maturty's good practice partnership with the magazine and eLearning awards.


According to last year's Learning for growth report from the CBI, more firms in 2010 (48%) than 2009 (39%) say improving leadership and management skills is a key priority for them, and this is even higher for the public sector (73%). The same report also highlights that over two thirds of organisations are looking for more targetted and cost effective routes for training. The IOD’s Skills Crunch highlights a different challenge as leadership and management skills are at the top of the list for organisations reporting skills gaps in their current staff. The CBI report his year continues to highlight the ongoing need of leadership skills for UK economic growth.

As a result, leadership and management training continues to be a high priority and increasingly organisations are including learning technologies in the development of programmes as they explore cost effective means of addressing a critical skills shortage (50% of all leadership and management programmes are e-enabled now compared to just 34% in 2008).

Towards Maturity research also shows that when top leaders use learning technologies in their own development, the overall impact and business benefit of investment in learning technologies is increased.

The Reinventing leadership development benchmark

This benchmark explores the drivers, barriers, benefits and trends in the use of learning technologies to understand how new learning models can help to address leadership skills in public, private and not for profit businesses more efficiently and effectively.

The aim of this research is to help all participants improve the impact of learning technologies in leadership development through the sharing of good practice.

Please login to download this report, we may pass you email address to our sponsors,  the Corporate Learning Consortium but if contact us below if you you not wish for this to happen.

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