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Improving the Take up of e-Learning in Local Authorities


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DateFebruary 12, 2009 Posted by: Nige Howarth   Keywords: involving managers, learner engagement, managers support, marketing

This practical guide was created with the input of 25 Local Authorities at a series of Learning Pool Showcase Events in autumn 08. All local authorities face the same challenges of needing to meet the training and development needs of all their staff in a timely, cost effective way. This makes the case for embracing e-learning a compelling one. Yet e-learning is not new to local authorities and in fact many have been using some form of e-learning for
a number of years, so there is a lot of experience to draw on. Regardless of how appealing e-learning may be if managers, learners and all the other key stakeholders are not fully engaged then it’s doomed to failure. This was the subject explored during a series of
Showcase events run at the end of 2008 by Learning Pool, the public sector e-learning exchange, and Towards Maturity. This guide provides an insight on engagement with learning as well as sharing some of the findings and challenges gathered during the Showcase events.
Specifically it highlights:
  • The challenges of engaging your Local Authority with e-learning 
  • Examples of success 
  • Which stakeholders influence success in Local Authorities? 
  • How do we engage the various stakeholders? .
The guide includes action plans and team meeting checklist.

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