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Distance learning for Strategic HR


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DateJune 09, 2008 Posted by: Nige Howarth   Keywords: benefits, blended learning, culture, innovation, involving managers, leadership skills, learner engagement, learners, managers support, measuring value, strategy

Distance learning has consistently increased in importance for corporations over the last few years. After “the fad effect”, the time has come for more mature and better thought-out applications, based on the first successful experiments. Today, very few people question the relevance of distance learning, least of all its users. However, we still need to ask how we can benefit from its full potential. How can it help the heads of Human Resources Departments play the role that management committees expect from them? How can a company use distance learning to attract talented individuals and gain their loyalty, ensuring that it has access to the key skills it needs for growth, helping it to stay agile and ready for change, and implementing strategy effectively? This extract provides key insight on ‘The best practices of innovative companies’, originally developed by Steve Fiehl, CrossKnowledge and edited by Nige Howarth, Towards Maturity CIC.

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