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DateApril 27, 2008 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: blended learning, learner engagement

Results of the 10th Annual CIPD survey were released in April and their findings on the use of e-learning at work provide some useful insights on perceptions of e-learning.

  • For the first time, over 50% of respondents report that they are using e-learning
  • 97%  agree that 'e-learning demands a new attitude from the learner'
  • 95% agree that 'e-learning is effective when combined with other forms of learning'
  • e-learning is offered to 60% of staff but only taken up by 30%
  • Only 8% say e-learning is an effective learning intervention (64% say that it is fairly effective)
  • e-learning is pretty near the bottom when it comes to participants perception of the most effective learning medium

Full details can be downloaded from the CIPD web site

Clive Shepherd has also posted some additional observations on his blog 'CIPD gives e-learning a mixed report'

For specific highlights around e-learning take a look at CIPD's e-learning Progress and Reports document which was revised in April 2008 with data from the main survey.

The results highlight that benefits of investment in learning technologies are not guarenteed - Towards Maturity research by e-skills UK highlights that more mature implementations are more likely to achieve takeup and deliver results.

The fact that more are investing in this area makes it even more important for us to dig deeper through research and by sharing good practice, to understand how they can be best implemented for the benefit of the learner and of their organisation.



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